LETTER: ISTA leader focuses on wrong ideals

July 8, 2017

Responding to Teresa Meredith’s viewpoint [State can’t afford two school systems, June 26], she would have us eliminate public funds for vouchers to private schools and one presumes charter schools and use that money to increase funding for public schools and “... get serious about doing what works.” Her concept (and that of ISTA) of what works includes nice-looking classrooms, small class size, good health care, food and after-school programs.

Nowhere does she mention teaching or improving the profession. One would think that an organization like ISTA might have an interest in that area. But the proof of this is in the results: only 32.3 percent of 10th graders passed the ISTEP test for math/English and language arts in Indiana. If this standard is “doing what works,” then how can Ms. Meredith in good conscience even think that the teachers unions (and the school administrations) don’t “protect the economic interests of adults, not kids” as Jeb Bush maintains.

McDonald’s can’t open enough stores quick enough to employ these kids when and if they graduate.


J. Allan Hall

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