Carrasco joins Holcomb administration

July 29, 2017

Then: State of Indiana inspector general

Now: Gov. Eric Holcomb deputy general counsel

Age: 36

Cynthia Carrasco says working in the Indiana Inspector General’s Office—and then serving as inspector general for two years—helped her make a smooth transition to deputy general counsel in the Governor’s Office.

As inspector general, she said, she learned about all the state agencies and how they worked. So, since joining the Holcomb administration on Day 1, she’s been on firm footing dealing with executive orders, legislation, efforts to fill judicial vacancies, and renewing and drafting contracts.

“It’s a good mix of the old and some of the new aspects of my job,” she said.

Carrasco said she likes the variety, the pace and working for a governor she calls “amazing” and “high energy.” And the work allows her to live out her career goal.

“No matter what I do,” she said, “I strive every single day to make sure that my work has a positive impact on our community. I’m working toward making things better.”•

—Marc D. Allan


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