LETTER: Launch has sparked growth

October 21, 2017

I could not disagree more strongly with Michael Hicks’ characterization that the city of Fishers’ financial spearheading of Launch Fishers has been ill-advised [Launch Fishers grows beyond co-working space, Oct. 16].

Launch Fishers has achieved national acclaim because of the investment, resourcefulness and perseverance provided by John Wechsler, Mayor Fadness and the city. Hicks argues his early research reveals disappointing results when it comes to the impact of co-working spaces on local employment and wages. This research apparently excludes the city he has put on trial here: Fishers. One only need to review the long list of tech companies, big and small, moving to or expanding within the city.

Launch Fishers, along with a proactive mayor, engaged council, and human dynamo in the form of John Wechsler has been a huge catalyst in promoting a tech-friendly culture that is resonating throughout central Indiana and beyond.


Tim Cook, CEO
KSM Location Advisors


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