BAILEY: Amazon, ignore our crazy potholes

March 16, 2018

I applaud Nate Feltman’s letter to Jeff Bezos and the views and analysis it contained [First of a three-part letter to Jeff Bezos, Feb. 2]. I also agree that Indy would be a great home for HQ2.

I am a true ambassador of our great city in my travels across the country. I don’t hesitate to tell people of the business-friendly environment in Indiana and why I have several businesses located here.

However, as I have recently traveled through the city, I have thought, “Please don’t let an Amazon advance team come and do an onsite visit at Indianapolis!” The condition of our streets makes driving equivalent to driving through a war zone. Aside from vehicle damage, cars are now having to dodge other cars that are trying to avoid potholes. We should not be required to accept the pitch, “Wow, with the crazy freezing temperatures we’ve had, this is to be expected and we’ll get those potholes patched as soon as possible.”

The problem is deeper than that (pun intended). Newer streets and roads in Indianapolis are not exhibiting the same pothole danger. Past administrations (both sides of the aisle) have put street “replacement” on a back burner allowing our important infrastructure to crumble It speaks poorly for our city when major thoroughfares create a danger for people driving on them.

The only hope we have is that Amazon might see road repaving and replacement as a good investment in their growth strategy.


Jack Bailey

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