LETTER: Corrie Meyer must renounce Mickey Maurer attack on Mike Delph

April 20, 2018

Mickey Maurer gives a full-throated endorsement of Corrie Meyer while trashing Mike Delph for being a conservative Christian [Meyer is an upgrade for local Republicans, March 16]. Christians regardless of their political preferences—including Ms. Meyer—have a duty to reject his stark bigotry.

Maurer blasted Delph for believing “the unscientific blather that the Earth was created 5,000 years ago.” Referring to the Bible’s book of Genesis as “blather” is his prerogative, but according to Pew Research, a plurality of Americans still believe it more than any other theory of human origin. That plurality includes a significant number of Hoosiers who correctly recognize a person can believe in a literal interpretation of the Genesis account of the creation of the world and not stand in conflict with a single observed and known scientific law, fact, or reality. It is true that a great deal of indisputable scientific evidence of the natural world is incorporated into the larger Darwinian/evolutionary account. But it is also equally true that the exact same indisputable scientific evidence of the natural world can be plausibly and responsibly incorporated into a Biblical understanding of creation as well.

Maurer also takes issue with Delph for having voted for Senate Bill 404, calling it, “yet another invasion of women’s rights.” Senate Bill 404 was an anti-human trafficking law that sought to protect young girls from being used as sex slaves and then forced into abortion clinics to keep them serviceable for their captors. What Christian would not vote for this bill?

But what seems to aggravate Maurer more than anything is Delph’s traditional Christian orthodoxy on issues involving the institution of marriage and family, suggesting that the senator put his moral views ahead of the economic interests of the state. But that accusation assumes there was some economic benefit to the embrace of same-sex marriage and rejection of the First Amendment’s protections of religious conscience. That assumption is flimsy at best, fabricated and intentionally deceitful at worst.

And since no attack on Christian public servants is complete without mention of the abortion of tiny humans that believers understand are made in God’s image, Maurer went there too. He promised that Meyer won’t seek to, “impose severe restrictions on the rights of women to make healthy choices.”

As a sister in Christ, Ms. Meyer has the responsibility now to publicly condemn this bigotry spoken in her name and refuse to accept both Maurer’s endorsement and his promise of financial contributions to her campaign.


Peter Heck

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