Fishers issues mask mandate that begins Friday

A grouping of 3M N95 respirator masks. (Photo by Kristoffer Tripplaar/Sipa USA)(Sipa via AP Images)

Fishers has issued a mask mandate that begins Friday, the city announced Monday night.

The Fishers Health Department approved a public health order that requires, with some exceptions, all individuals ages 5 and older to wear a face covering in public indoor spaces or outdoors in situations where a distance of six feet can’t be maintained between people.

The order, which applies to residents and visitors, did not specify an end date.

Fishers said the mandate includes:

– retail and grocery stores;

– restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues;

– salons and personal care facilities;

– gyms and fitness centers;

– office and commercial buildings;

– government buildings.

Fishers said public indoor locations that refuse to enforce the mask mandate could experience enforcement actions by the Fishers Health Department. It did not specify what those actions could include or whether individuals would be subject to punishment.

“The primary purpose of this order is intended to educate, encourage, and persuade individuals to wear face-coverings,” the city said in a written statement.

Mask mandates are growing trend across the country. As of Monday, more than half of U.S. states had statewide mask requirements in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Indiana is not among those states.

Fishers joins Marion, Elkhart, LaGrange, Monroe and St. Joseph counties, plus the cities of Evansville and West Lafayette, as locations in Indiana with mask mandates.

Marion County, which has reported 22.5% of the state’s 56,571 COVID-19 cases, enacted its mask mandate on July 9.

As of Friday, Fishers had reported 591 total cases and 35 deaths. The city accounted for about 30% of Hamilton County’s total cases.

Among other exceptions, Fishers said the mandate does not cover individuals:

– younger than 5;

– who are hearing- or speaking-impaired and for whom a mask or face covering is an obstacle to communication;

– who are unable to wear a mask or face-covering for a physical, medical, or health-related reasons;

– who are alone in a room in a public building, such as in an office;

– who are traveling in their own vehicles;

– for whom wearing a face mask or covering would present a risk to their safety while at work;

– who are engaged in a form of indoor exercise that is incompatible with wearing a mask;

– who are seated at a restaurant, bar, or other establishment that serves food and/or drinks, while they are eating or drinking;

– whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing a face-covering.

With about 96,000 residents, Fishers in the fifth-largest city in Indiana.

More information on the order can be found at

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14 thoughts on “Fishers issues mask mandate that begins Friday

  1. Indiana COVID numbers as of today:

    2632 ( out of ~6.7mm (Wiki) equals a death rate of 0.000352 for all Hoosiers.

    Of this 2632 deaths. 99.96% of these 2632 are under 30 years old.

    Of the 2632 deaths, 97.2% of these under the age of 50.

    2429 of these 2632 deaths are over the age of 60 years old.

    Pneumonia deaths are higher nationally for 2020 than COVID under age 45 (CDC).

    The election is the only vaccine. If Biden wins, the CNN Coronavirus running ticker is gone within a week and this virus will never be heard of again. In the meantime, get our kids back to school. Our local leadership is doing irreparable damage with continued e-learning.

    1. Edit:

      Of 2632 deaths, 99.96% of these 2632 are OVER 30 years old.

      Of 2632 deaths, 97.2% of these 2632 are OVER 50 years old.

    2. LMFAO

      The US with 4% of the population has almost 25% of the deaths. Trump only cares about the election so he’s ignored COVID and is a pathological liar. Trump didn’t take it seriously from the beginning and the US is 6th or 7th worst in the world in mortality rate despite Trump claiming US is one of the best. Europe has COVID under control while FL, Texas, AZ and CA are hot spots. Mask wearing should have been mandatory long ago but Trump refuses to wear one as it messes up his makeup.

      Testing is a joke as it takes too long to get the results. Meanwhile Trump continues to lie about it. Hospitals in many areas are overwhelmed and over capacity with patients.

      Trump supporters are delusional to keep supporting that corrupt monster. Trump should be in jail.

      Finally, why does racist and rapist Trump constantly obstruct, hide his tax returns, and fire anyone that disagrees with him or tries to hold him accountable. It’s because he’s a malignant narcissistic criminal.

      Vote Biden. At least he’s a leader.

    3. Ryan H, you have judged correctly grasshopper. The lemmings will continue to perpetrate the ruse of the radical left all the way to the finish line

    1. I must have missed that, J. G; where did Mark B. exhibit anything other than the classic Trump Derangement Syndrome? And Biden is a leader? He would best lead euchre instruction on his wing of the dementia ward.

      Weren’t the House Democrats possessed with impeaching Trump while the virus invaded our country, pissing away valuable resources on what they knew was a fool’s errand? And then, when Trump restricted travel to and from China, he was a racist, right?

      Get real.

  2. People. This is an article about a public health mandate, not politics! The SCIENTIFIC truth is nothing is going back to whatever you think is “normal” until we get the spread of this virus under control. To narrow your argument to death percentages is ridiculous. Just because you don’t die from the virus doesn’t mean your life can’t be devastated by it. (Not to mention our entire country!) Think about what a visit to the emergency room costs. What a 3 week stay in ICU costs. What being without a job, a daycare, an education costs! And for heavens sake, think about the poor medical workers who risk their own health to treat the fallout of politics and selfishness every day. Stop being narrow minded and selfish Put on the dang mask. (And Thank you, Fishers!)

  3. This recent Mayors action is no more than a power grab that he loves so much…Cost over runs on his projects with only drainage as the reason..Wow Wow..And now that he has his own health department …Look out ….
    Open up entire economy incl schools and protect the most vulnerable ..World is not sterile and never has been..Over kill is option being used…
    As a side note the overall US death rate from all causes including the made up Covid numbers for 2020 is less than same period in 2019..

  4. It is very sad to see how this issue is dividing our nation. How tragic that we do not seem to be able to find any common ground anymore. A lot of smart people are being deceived and are clueless. Mark B. seems intent on spewing hate and there are many like him doing likewise. The media is the largest propaganda machine ever and do little to fully educate the masses. Politicians use this as an excuse to grab power and control. I pray that we can learn to think for ourselves and do our own research on what the truth is. Our nation and way of life are at stake. God help us.

  5. Joe F. you got it right. Save lives. Keep businesses and schools open. Love your neighbor. Be a good citizen. Wear a mask. Not a big deal. Stop the division, polemics, selfish behavior and leave the egos at the door.

  6. Trump cheated on his wives. Trump cheated his foundation by taking money earmarked for children with cancer. Trump cheated with his University. Trump cheated his contractors. Trump won’t release his taxes. What’s he hiding? Trump obstructed the Mueller report. Mueller was a Republican. Trump extorted Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden. Trump obstructed the investigation. What’s he hiding if it was a perfect phone call? Trump has been accused by over 40 women of sexual assault. Trump is a racist. And on and on. These are all proven facts.

    Trump is the biggest hater and pathological liar and mentally ill. Because Trump only cares about getting re-elected the virus is out of control. US is 26th in per capita testing and 6th worst in deaths. And Trump won’t wear a mask. Our foreign allies laugh at the US.

    If Trump is re-elected he will destroy what he hasn’t already destroyed.

    Trump is loser and you followers are his cult.

    I’m not 100% for Biden, but I’m 100% against Trump.

    I’ve voted mostly Republican my entire life and I told you all to get rid of Trump so a decent GOP candidate could run.

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