Governor’s ‘roadmap to reopening’ culminates with end of restrictions on July 4

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb

Gov. Eric Holcomb on Friday released a “roadmap” for reopening Indiana. The roadmap has five stages covering now through July 4 and beyond.

The governor said the dates could change based on conditions inside hospitals and the number of COVID-19 cases. Here’s a look at what each stage looks like:

Stage 1 

Runs until Monday, May 4, for all Indiana counties except Lake, Marion and Cass. Only essential businesses are open; government buildings are operating but closed to the public; gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited; and restaurants and bars are closed except for takeout and delivery. Retail establishments that are not offering essential products may offer curbside pickup. Hoosiers are encouraged to wear cloth face coverings in public while maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet.

Stage 2 

Begins May 4 (except for Lake, Marion and Cass counties) and runs through May 23. Stage 2 begins for Lake and Marion counties May 11 and May 18 for Cass County.

Hoosiers aged 65 and older and high-risk citizens should stay home whenever possible. Residents are encouraged to wear face coverings in public settings.

Essential travel restrictions will be lifted, but Hoosiers should stay close to home.

Social and mass gatherings of more than 25 people are prohibited.

Religious services may convene inside places of worship on May 8.

The following businesses may open, adhering to OSHA and CDC guidelines: office (though remote working is still strongly encouraged when possible); manufacturing, industrial and construction; retail, malls and commercial buildings at 50% capacity, though pickup and delivery are encouraged.

Nursing homes remain closed to visitors.

Restaurants and bars with food may open starting the second week of Stage 2, on May 11, at 50% capacity (bar seating will remain closed and live entertainment is prohibited). Personal services such as hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, spas and tattoo parlors may open May 11 by appointment only.

But in Marion and Lake counties, those changes cannot be made until May 18. In Cass County, it would be in effect on May 23.

The following businesses will remain closed: bars and nightclubs, gyms and fitness facilities, entertainment and sport venues, and playgrounds, waterparks and amusement parks.

Stage 3 

Begins May 24 and runs through June 13. Most of the recommendations for Stage 2 remain, although social gathering may be larger (100 people) and all travel restrictions are lifted.

The following businesses can open (or increase capacity): retail, malls and commercial buildings may open at 75% capacity; gyms and fitness centers with restrictions; playgrounds, parks and community pools may open; movie theaters may open at 50% capacity.

The following businesses remain closed: bars and nightclubs and entertainment venues; tourism and sport venues.

Nursing homes remain closed to visitors.

Stage 4 

Begins June 14 and runs through July 3. Hoosiers 65 and older or at-risk should practice social distancing but may return to work and community activities. Social gatherings of up to 250 people will be allowed.

Here’s what will open or will operate at increased capacity: retail stores and malls may open at full capacity; restaurants can operate dining rooms at 75% capacity; bar seating in restaurants may open at 50% capacity, and bars and nightclubs can open at 50% capacity; cultural, tourism, entertainment and sports venues may open at 50% capacity; recreational sports leagues and tournaments may resume; and professional offices may resume work at full capacity.

The following events will not be allowed: conventions, sports events, fairs, festivals and parades.

Stage 5 

Stage 5 begins July 4 and removes restrictions from almost everything.

Retail stores, malls, restaurants and bars will be allowed to operate at full capacity.

Personal services may open at full capacity.

All restrictions are lifted at gyms and fitness centers.

Conventions, sports events, etc. may resume.

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9 thoughts on “Governor’s ‘roadmap to reopening’ culminates with end of restrictions on July 4

  1. The numbers our state is posting and the rate of change on those numbers simply do not justify taking these actions. The re-open appears somewhat sensible, but it’s questionable we will get to Stage 3 before it comes crashing down.

    Good luck to all.

  2. Does anyone seriously believe that seven weeks after Stage 5 kicks in (July 4) that it would be prudent to allow 300,000 people pack into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 500 race (August 23)? Social distancing would be impossible. No one would want to wear a face mask. Talk about inviting trouble…

  3. This is crazy. Realizing we must open at some point this is absolutely too accelerated a pace and premature. Our case counts have not begun to decrease. I have one question: What is the acceptable increase in mortality that we are willing to tolerate?

    1. This virus will be with us like the cold and flu. Hide in a cave or live your life. Survival rates from the few population studies available are already nearly as high for those under 60 as the flu. Some indicate the flu is MORE DEADLY for young people. So, protect the vulnerable. Many, many will die from forgoing other health treatments. Covid-19 fanatics seem to not care about these people. Show some backbone. If hospitals are able to treat the sick, then carry on.

  4. I have much more confidence in Dr. Fauci’s statement of “you don’t make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline” on relaxing public health measures than the Governor’s roadmap.
    I say that after reading the Governor’s steps to re-opening the State and also recalling the statement from Dr. Box (the Governor’s top medical expert) that just because 50% of meat plant workers in Indiana have tested positive for COVID 19 doesn’t mean the other 50% can’t keep working. I have little to no confidence that she knows the logistics in operating a meat plant. Particularly since if I recall correctly, she made that statement after Trump ordered he meat plants to remain open. I could be wrong, this is just my take.

  5. People. This is only a roadmap. Did you not hear him say it will be adjusted if it needs to be. We have to set goals to allow people to develop a level of confidence they can return to a somewhat normal life. The available testing and related protocols that are being initiated as part of this plan will hopefully provide the safety net to let us get back out there. If they don’t clearly the schedule will need to be pushed out. This virus is going to be with us for the foreseeable future. We can’t sit on our hands for the next year while millions of people are out of work. These guidelines clearly state that those over 65 need to practice social distancing even after July4th. I believe this is a well thought out plan. Nobody is forcing you to go out in public if you think you need to stay at home.

  6. The problem with that “adjust as we go” approach is that businesses owners (especially those with think margins) and consumers (stir crazy from staying at home) will not tolerate a delay in going to the next stage even if we don’t experience a consistent decline in cases and deaths. And a Republican governor will do everything he can to help the president win in November no matter how many body bags get filled.

  7. His goals seem to be 1) to get the President re-elected at any cost and 2) hold the Indpls 500 at any cost. States with far fewer cases and deaths such as Wisconsin have already canceled July 4th fireworks/celebrations and most August festivals. Whether you get COVID-19 will be partly determined whether you have a Republican or Democrat Governor. Enjoy.

    1. Out of the ten states with the highest number of COVID-19 deaths, eight of them have a Democrat Governor. Some Democrat governors started to have partial reopenings too. Are they trying to get Trump re-elected at any cost too? Each governor and his/her team are doing the best they can. People should not try to politicize the situation.

      Holcomb said his team will look at data day-by-day and reassess as needed. The Indy 500 is scheduled nearly 4 months out. Obviously, it can get canceled any point before then. Or, it may be run without fans. At this point, all we can do is wait and practice safeguards as the reopening slowly progresses.