Indiana reports another daily high in COVID-19 cases

The Indiana State Department of Health on Thursday reported 1,051 new COVID-19 cases, an all-time daily high.

The department also reported the testing of 12,153 more individuals, the fifth-highest total during the pandemic. The 7-day testing positivity rate dipped from 7.8% on Wednesday to 7.5% on Thursday. The state’s overall testing-positivity rate remained at 8.8%.

Marion County reported an increase of 170 cases, the 21st straight day that cases in the county have risen by more than 100. The county’s 7-day testing-positivity rate was 9.4%.

Following are the latest COVID-19 numbers from the Indiana State Department of Health. The department updates its data daily based on information received through 11:59 p.m. the previous day.

COVID-19 cases

*New cases: 1,051

Total cumulative cases reported Thursday: 71,015

Total cumulative cases reported Wednesday: 69,975

Increase in cumulative cases: 1,040

Increase in cases reported July 31-Aug. 6: 5,762

Increase in cases reported July 24-30: 5,651

Increase in cases reported July 1-Aug. 1: 21,170

Increase in cases reported June 1-July 1: 11,122

Increase in cases reported May 1-June. 1: 16,200

COVID-19 deaths

New deaths: 6

Total deaths: 2,811

Increase in deaths reported July 31-Aug. 6: 66

Increase in deaths reported July 24-30: 63

Increase in deaths reported July 1-Aug. 1: 315

Increase in deaths reported June 1-July 1: 480

Increase in deaths reported May 1-June. 1: 914

COVID-19 testing

*New tested individuals: 12,153

Total cumulative tested individuals reported Thursday: 804,345

Total cumulative tested individuals reported Wednesday: 792,225

Increase in cumulative tested individuals: 12,129

Percentage of total testing positive: 8.8%

Seven-day testing-positivity rate: 7.5%

Increase in tests reported July 1-Aug. 1: 268,890

Increase in tests reported June 1-July 1: 223,820

Increase in tests reported May 1-June. 1: 166,257

County numbers

Marion County cumulative cases: 15,322 (increase of 170)

Marion County new deaths: 0

Marion County cumulative deaths: 723

Marion County 7-day positivity rate: 9.4%

Hamilton County cumulative cases: 2,610

Hendricks County cumulative cases: 1,814

Johnson County cumulative cases: 1,694

Madison County cumulative cases: 895

Boone County cumulative cases: 653

Hancock County cumulative cases: 638

Morgan County cumulative cases: 451

Shelby County cumulative cases: 535

Indiana intensive care unit usage

Available ICU beds: 30.3%

ICU beds in use by COVID-19 patients: 13.1%

Available ventilators: 73.9%

Ventilators in use for COVID-19: 2.7%

U.S. and worldwide numbers

As of Thursday, from Johns Hopkins University:

U.S. cases: 4,826,861

U.S. deaths: 158,445

Global cases: 18,851,834

Global deaths: 708,676

*New cases and tests are previously unreported cases and tests submitted to the Indiana State Health Department in the 24 hours through 11:59 p.m. the previous day. This category typically contains numerous duplicates—as many as 20% or more—that are later eliminated from the cumulative totals.

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16 thoughts on “Indiana reports another daily high in COVID-19 cases

    1. Positivity rates are more important than the # of new cases. Positivity rates are high, knucklehead.

  1. Gee whiz. The more tests you do the more positive results you see. Again, how accurate are the tests? The CDC, one of the primary government health departments, does not rate them very highly.

    1. Exactly, and covid ICU, thry pay more if called covid so yes the percentage is higher, who knows if it’s truly covid.
      Deaths are way down. IBJ is full of fools

    2. We could also declare victory over kids being unable to read if we stopped testing theIr reading skills, right?

      Deaths trail infections by several weeks. If you don’t know how COVID works by this point, or you think COVID is a sham, get better news sources.

  2. You neglected to say that those cases are from between July 29 to August 5, not all from just one day (ISDH Website). Granted, they all add to the total # of cases, but were reported over a 7-day period. Would be interesting to know what the delay was in having these cases reported.

    1. Sue, did you see the large bold print at the same bottom of the article?. Apparently not…

      ISDH reports the numbers them by each county in Indiana. The article states that the numbers reported today are from the previous 24 hours. I’m starting to wonder if you just read the headline before commenting.

    2. William J., did you notice the notation in Sue B.’s post? (apparently not…) The total being reported is over the last 8 days, as reported on the ISDH Website. I have copied/pasted here for your convenience: “New Positive Cases: 1,051 between 07/29/2020 and 08/05/2020” Here is the address if you would like to check it out: There are lags in reporting, always have been, whether it is a whole county, or some nursing homes, there is no such all inclusive statement that “the numbers reported are from the previous 24 hours”, even though that’s what the IBJ states/has in their boiler plate article. Some days there are no lags, some days there are 8 day lags. If you are going to make snarky comments at people, you might want to at least be somewhat correct.

  3. Indiana intensive care unit usage
    Available ICU beds: 30.3%
    ICU beds in use by COVID-19 patients: 13.1%
    Available ventilators: 73.9%
    Ventilators in use for COVID-19: 2.7%

    The curve is flat and the narrative has changed!

    1. You don’t understand what “the curve is. From the article:

      The Indiana State Department of Health on Thursday reported 1,051 new COVID-19 cases, an all-time daily high.

      *An all-time daily high*

    2. These cases are from an 8 day report. This is not “1,051 people contracted COVID 19 in the past 24 hours”.

  4. These statistics have lost all credibility. There is no standard for how new cases are reported and what constitutes a COVID death. Many states will count a death as a COVID death regardless of what the person actually died from, so long as that person had COVID within the past 14 days. NY, CA, NJ and IL are three of these states and represent 42% of all COVID deaths in the country. Further, Seasonal Flu and Pneumonia deaths are being counted as COVID deaths. Why is it that deaths from Seasonal Flu and Pneumonia have mysteriously dropped significantly this year? Obviously there are people that are at high risk and nobody wants to see people die. An average healthy person has less that a .05% chance of dying from this virus, show me any other situation where there is concern about a .05% chance of something happening, it doesn’t exist, only in the upside down, highly politicized World of COVID-19 does that exist. The shutdowns and overreaction to this virus by our Federal, State and Local leaders will cause much more harm to the well being of this country than the Coronavirus ever will. We have been severely let down by the CDC and all of those that created this mass hysteria over a virus that has virtually a 0% chance of killing an average healthy person. We need to stop the hysteria, protect those that are most vulnerable and go about out normal lives. Enough is enough!

    1. May 12th: “Hong Kong’s hospital authority has been monitoring a group of Covid-19 patients for up to two months since they were released. They found about half of the 20 survivors had lung function below the normal range, said Owen Tsang, the medical director of the infectious disease center at Princess Margaret Hospital.
      The diffusing capacity of their lungs — how well oxygen and carbon dioxide transfers between the lungs and blood — remained below healthy levels, Tsang observed.
      A study of blood samples from 25 recovered patients in Wuhan, the city where the virus first emerged, found that they had not fully recovered normal functioning regardless of the severity of their coronavirus symptoms, according to a paper published April 7.
      In another study, CT scans taken over a month of 90 Wuhan coronavirus patients found that of the 70 discharged from the hospital, 66 had mild to substantial residual lung abnormalities on their last CT scans, which showed ground-glass opacity, said a March paper published online in Radiology.”

      July 30th: “New evidence suggests the coronavirus has lasting impacts on the heart, raising alarm for cardiologists who have been concerned about potential long-term heart injury from COVID-19.
      Two German studies, published Tuesday in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA Cardiology, found heart abnormalities in COVID-19 patients months after they had already recovered from the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2.
      The first study included 100 patients from the University of Hospital Frankfurt COVID-19 Registry who were relatively healthy adults in their 40s and 50s. About one-third of the patients required hospitalization, while the rest recovered from home.
      Researchers looked at cardiac magnetic resonance imaging taken nearly two and a half months after they were diagnosed and compared them with images from people who never had COVID-19. The study found heart abnormalities in 78 patients, with 60 of those patients showing signs of inflammation in the heart muscle from the virus.”

    1. Sure… remember when Trump said “Vote for me, what do you have to lose?”

      He’s given us quite the answer, hasn’t he?

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