Public health department says Marion County schools can reopen Jan. 4

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County schools can reopen for in-person instruction on Jan. 4—11 days sooner than the previously set date of Jan. 15, the Marion County Public Health Department announced Thursday.

Dr. Virginia Caine, the director of the county health department, said since the Centers for Disease Control has shortened its recommended COVID-19 quarantine from 14 days to a range of seven to 10 days, schools can now reopen sooner.

The department had set the original date based on it being about 14 days after the holidays ended.

But the city’s central district, Indianapolis Public Schools, said it didn’t expect to move up its schedule for returning to buildings, and still plans for campuses to open Jan. 19. Learning will remain virtual until then.

In declining to reopen schools sooner than planned, Indianapolis Public Schools officials said they will reevaluate after looking at circumstances and data after the winter break.

Warren Township schools also told families Thursday that it would stick to its plan to remain in virtual learning through at least Jan. 15. Officials said they are basing their decision on district-level COVID data and staffing challenges.

As of Dec. 2, the testing-positivity rate in Marion County had increased to 14.6%, up from a range of 11% to 12% in November.

Caine said data shows it’s safe to be in the schools despite the increase in the positivity rate.

When schools return, students and staff must social distance, and masks will be required for all staff and students in third grade and above. Parents, students and teachers are encouraged to avoid any unnecessary contact outside of their household 10 days prior to the Jan. 4th return.

“We feel comfortable our kids can come back on Jan. 4,” Caine told reporters.

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21 thoughts on “Public health department says Marion County schools can reopen Jan. 4

  1. Of course they can and will.
    Biden will take all the praise the lefties will give him….
    it will be all him that saved your kids that the lefties hurt so bad.

    1. Right, Craig; get ready for Biden to take credit for vaccines developed during the Trump administration by co-operating with and encouraging pharmaceutical companies (that would be private enterprise for you lefties, rather than “the government”) through Operation Warp Speed. Trump always said we’d have vaccines available by the end of the year…before Biden takes the oath of office…and that appears to be happening.

    2. @ Bob P. Pfizer wasn’t involved with Warp Speed. Trump takes credit for everything except the one thing he has been spectacularly good at – not taking the virus seriously. Like magic, it will disappear, right? Real men don’t wear masks….

    3. Sounds like Craig T. and Bob P. are already suffering from BDS. At least they admit their loser president who only cared about whether he was getting credit for something or not (Biden could care less who gets credit) was defeated by an opponent he characterized as a loser, mentally unfit person who was too old to be President. No wonder it hurts so bad.

  2. This is one of those things that made me wonder. Nonprofits and churches were opening “e-learning centers” to get kids out of the house, so tell me exactly how that’s different than sending them back to schools?


    Let’s get those teachers vaccinated!

    1. The reason for opening the ‘e-learning’ centers wasn’t to get them out of the house, it’s because their house wasn’t set up for learning. They didn’t have internet, enough computers, a family member that could stay home during this and watch them because they were essential workers. It wasn’t to get them out of the house, it was to provide them with an alternative to school and home to learn in. Also many of those ‘elearning centers’ acted as social distance bubbles since they were still required to mask up, socially distance and be in pods, just the same. Stop “wondering” about it and actually look up the information and talk to someone who helped set them what the real purpose was….to get them out of the house…geeze…

    1. Doug- as far back as I can remember, when schools were off during Christmas – you’re right – I didn’t really go aywhere from 25th on until I was ready go back to school. Most of it was family time, staying at home or playing in the snow. 10 days at home is just too much for you??? Find a hobby then.

  3. School closures have mostly been closed due to staff COVID infections and exposures.
    Classrooms cannot go unsupervised, but when teachers are sick or quarantined, subs can’t be found, and remaining teachers can’t be in 2 or 3 classrooms at once.

    Teachers and other school staff (school nurses, teacher aides, bus drivers, custodians, and more) need priority consideration for vaccinations – right after medical providers.

  4. “masks will be required for all staff and students in third grade and above”—is this a change from any previous guidelines? It was my understanding that in Marion County face masks were required for all children 3 and above anytime they were in public places. Whereas, the state age requirement for children was slightly higher. Any clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciate.

    1. Brian – who cares if it was a change from previous guidelines and your understanding….guidelines change. Quit living in the past and like someone has changed something on you. “Masks will be required for all staff and students in the third grade and above” Period. That is the guideline they are giving you now. Take it and don’t dwell on what it was a month or two months or three months ago. If you want Clarification you need to go ask the Health Department the State, or your school superintendent. Don’t get your advice from blog comments. Everyone who comments on here lives different places. Man the laziness astounds me here – GO SEARCH FOR YOUR INFORMATION FROM THE SOURCE

  5. Personally i love the kids being schooled at home so the can be deprogrammed by liberals teaching everything but life skills. Maybe a few kids will get smart and lean a trade later start their own business and laugh their ass of at educated liberals.
    Tearing the world apart. That are Paying no taxes and expecting all us to pay their way rent, insurance and etc.

    1. MJG – HAHAHA….let me laugh again. HAHAHA All teachers are liberal. Are you out of your mind!? Guess who sets up the curriculum, state standards of education, even picks the textbooks your child must follow and all the standardized tests. I can 100% tell you it isn’t liberals. State Department of Education (Republicans), our general assembly (republicans) and our Governor (Republican) set all the stand standards for instructions. and by my count, it’s been republicans in those positions for at least two decades now. Soooo – the only deprogramming that needs to be done is from republican decisions. You want life skills taught in schools – talk to your legislator. Trades are still offered in school, but with all the standardized tests, how the teachers earn performance reviews, and schools earn money – is all about that test. Too bad the test doesn’t include life skills, then we would teach more of those in school. Look in your own bed. haha – all teachers are liberal. bahahahah

  6. Jolf: For the sake of clarity, Pfizer did not receive research and development money from Project Warp Speed, but it did get a $1.95 billion supply contract from Warp Speed in July.

    1. Subject to FDA approval. If the vaccine didn’t work, they got nothing. So it was only a reservation.


      And it turns out that the Trump Administration only reserved 100 million doses, enough to vaccinate 50 million people…so the other 280 million Americans get to wait until the third quarter of next year

  7. The 7 day positivity rate is 25% as of December 13th. How about we see what the numbers look like in January before we force teachers, schools staff and kids back into what is a potentially dangerous situation for anyone’s health. It is easy for everyone to say it doesn’t affect school age kids, but unfortunately there are more parents than you may realize who will argue differently with you as they sit outside their child’s hospital room.