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15 thoughts on “U.S. Rep. Jim Banks deletes post, gets Twitter access back

    1. I’m curious and want someone who has served in the nation’s military to fill me in.

      If Banks had said that to Levine’s face if the two had encountered each other during their military service, what punishment would he have faced?

    2. So he’d be peeling potatoes for how many years if she was … or, that distinction makes the disrespect OK? Or, as numerous mothers have reminded us all, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

      Point is, it’s pretty hard to take the “respect the troops” trope seriously when party is put before country. Similarly to how many people talked a great game about backing the blue and standing with the police until January 6th, then it was OK for the cops to get beat up on because … well, that’s different.

    3. Joe B – what in the what? Levine has never served in the military. The comparison is not remotely close. What type of convoluted web are you trying to draw?

  1. 90% of the media are in cahoots with the progressive branch of the democrat party.

    90% of large corporate America are in cahoots with the progressive branch of the democrat party.

    Wake up to woke America!

    1. Joe B – I don’t understand how your comment is relevant to mine, other that perhaps attacking my credibility.

      Also, I failed to include that the administration and professors at our universities – They’re in cahoots with the democrat progressives too. Open your eyes folks! Speak what you believe to be true! Don’t let the progressives shame you and attack your character or credibility!

    2. The comment is relevant because the world’s largest social media network, which has far more influence than all of those combined, is powered by an algorithm designed to inflame people and share right wing propaganda because that makes them that most money. And you’re worried about “the media”, which has been eviscerated over the last 20 years thanks in part to … Facebook.

      So no one is waking up to woke America. They’re waking up to the right-wing nonsense that Facebook pushes because it makes people good and angry and keeps earning them lots of money.

      Republicans want to be able to lie with no consequences. Look at Fox News, the most influential right wing media outlet. Are they telling the truth? Heck no! They make more money peddling nonsense and keeping people angry. But please, go on about college professors are the issue. In the state of Indiana, they’re taking less Indiana kids and more out of state (and international) students anyway. So worry not, very very Hoosier kids are getting “woke” here in Indiana.

  2. What Banks did was against the rules. The rules are clear. His behaviour was also unbecoming, inexcusable, offensive, and most importantly unnecessary. Why make the statement?

    If one were awake, one would know that rules and regulations apply to all.

    1. It’s a performance to prove one’s worth to the base voter, which values that more than actually accomplishing anything in Congress.

  3. Rep Banks needs t concentrate on legislating, something many in Congress do not seem to want to do. Social issue opinions are not effective legislation. There is much to do and members of Congress seem happy to get re-elected, get paid, including all of the their healthcare. The rest of society works for these benefits.
    Maybe he needs to concentrate on term limits and campaign finance rules. No, its just easier to sit back and express opinions.

  4. Maybe “small government” , “no regulations” Banks want to regulate private businesses like Twitter, maybe better yet create another government office, “Doublethink Control”.