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Welcome to the new public notice section of IBJ where you can access information about current public notices, submit a public notice and access information regarding sheriff sales.

The purpose of a public notice is to make information regarding government activities, such as a change in legislation, more easily accessible so that people and communities are able to make well informed decisions.

There are three main types of public notices that you will have access to.

  1. Citizen participation: Want to comment on legislative changes or proposed tax hikes before they take affect? Citizen participation encompasses any action or change the government is enacting that directly affects citizens.
  2. Business and commerce: Looking to submit a proposal for a government contract, dissolve a business entity or find unclaimed property? Business and commerce notices cover all aspects of doing business with the government while offering citizens the opportunity to speak for or against proposed deals between the public and private sector.
  3. Court notices: Whether you are probating a will or looking to notify anyone with a claim against an estate, court notices allow debt collectors and anyone with heirship rights to make a claim before the court appointed deadline.

Click here for a glossary of legal notice categories.

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