Chrysler sticks it to Kokomo

Officials in Kokomo and Howard County are in a tough spot. The “new” Chrysler created after its bankruptcy
sale to Fiat contends it‘s no longer on the hook for $12.9 million it owes various local taxing bodies this year and
$12.3 million it will owe next year.

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Questions about â??clunkersâ??

â??Cash for clunkersâ?? has sent lots of gas-guzzlers to the scrap yard and helped car dealers move the metal.

But as Congress considers adding $2 billion to the initial $1 billion earmarked for the program, both the
political right and left…

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GM’s looming bankruptcy

So, three decades of decline has come to this for General Motors: a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition expected
to be filed Monday.

Lots of problems contributed to its downfall, but now the carmaker faces an extremely steep climb.

The bankruptcy…

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Return of the gas-guzzler?

Americans are gravitating toward the kinds of vehicles theyâ??ll be buying for the next several years, says
one of the nationâ??s leading automotive forecasters.

John Wolkonowicz, senior auto analyst at IHS Global Insight, says the dominant vehicle of the future will…

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Mass transit potential

For an interesting take on how mass transit could help revitalize Indianapolis, see IBJ reporter Chris Oâ??Malleyâ??s
story this week on the topic. Ball State grad students dreamed up several concepts for plunking new rail
stations along existing…

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