Chrysler challenge was right call for Mourdock

State Treasurer Richard Mourdock’s attempt to stand up for the rule of law in the Chrysler bankruptcy appears to have been
futile, but we applaud the treasurer for trying. Mourdock went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to preserve the rights
of secured creditors in bankruptcy cases.

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Indiana should brace for auto fallout

The Big Three and the United Auto Workers do not appear to be serious about making the concessions and changes that are necessary
to make them a viable entity for the long haul.

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Powerway lays off 14 after losing software deal with Chrysler

Locally based Powerway Inc. is scrambling to shrink its work force and remake its business plan after the firm’s most lucrative
customer–the ailing automaker Chrysler LLC–said it will no longer use Powerway software or mandate its use among the company’s
hundreds of suppliers. Powerway laid off 14 employees and slashed salaries for many who remain after it learned of Chrysler’s
plans on June 6.

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