Factory workers struggling to bounce back

Thousands of Indiana’s rank-and-file factory workers have seen their earnings lose ground to that of white-collar workers. The gap has grown even as manufacturers expect their assembly-line workers to have more skills and more advanced education.

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Ivy Tech battles enrollment dip by promoting its lower tuition

This summer, Ivy Tech Community College rolled out a nearly $1 million marketing campaign that stressed the school’s affordability versus other higher education options. The message appears to have hit home. What looked like an impending 15-percent reduction in fall enrollment ended up at just under 5 percent.

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Ivy Tech absorbs avalanche of new students

For the past four years, Ivy Tech Community College has soaked up 60,000 extra students displaced by the recession even though the funding for new staff and facilities has not kept pace. But now Ivy Tech President Tom Snyder says the sponge is waterlogged.

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