Notes from the blogroll

"Carol" in Chicago with familiar faces, artists take on graffiti in Boston, and I strike out on this year’s National Book Awards.

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Sept. 12 frenzy in Indy arts

I’m ready to officially declare Sept. 12 the most overloaded day of the Indy arts season.

For starters, there’s the Penrod Art Fair, occupying the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art from 9-5.

Then there’s Indianapolis Opera’s new Operapalooza…

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How I spent my summer vacation

I just returned from a vacation with family at the New Jersey shore. But, of course, I didn’t leave A&E behind.

No, I didn’t catch any Atlantic City casino shows — although, I regret missing Chazz Palminteri do his one-man show,…

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Get ready for Operapalooza

IBJ reporter Kathleen McLaughlin guest blogs today.

The Indianapolis Opera is adding another event to the busy fall festival scene, but it’s definitely striving to carve out a distinct niche. Operapalooza, planned for Sept. 11 and 12, will mix sets by…

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The tweet smell of success

Yes, I waited a while to embrace this particular communication tool, but I’m now official a part of the Twitter world. Want to follow? Just click on the site and add IBJarts to you list.

You can also add IBJdining, which…

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Comic apologies: a brief history

All the dialogue in the previous post about David Letterman’s apology to Sarah Palin sent me searching for previous comedian apologies. Here are some I found:

Jamie Fox to Miley Cyrus.

Bill Maher to Pope Benedict

Al Franken to John…

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Emptying the arts notebook

Some quick notes:

-If you had mixed feelings about the Tony Awards coverage on Sunday (and have a bit of a mean streak in you), then check out this hilariously rude recap from the knuckleheads at Broadway Abridged. And if…

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500 celeb spotting

Celeb spotting is kind of a human catch-and-release game. Seeing a familiar TV or film face, grabbing a photo, maybe scoring an autograph–all are signs of…what? I’m not sure. It’s not like seeing talented…

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Cultural road tripping

I spent a fair amount of yesterday at a meeting with representatives of tourism departments from around the state. Each touted his or her region’s attractions–from Lincoln Amphitheatre (back in action this year) to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo,…

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‘Spotlight,’ the rally, and optimism

Times are tough, no question about it. But four events over the last few days conspired to put me in an optimistic mood about the future of the arts in Indy.

That feeling may pass, but for today–inspired by last night’s Spotlight…

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‘Arts Day’ at the State House

Arts advocates are used to having trouble getting attention. But today’s Arts Day at the Indiana State House is being double teamed by a downtown fire and the Big 10 tournament. (The fire already bumped my Fox 59 weekend A&E preview segment off…

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Dave Wilson: Farewell to the King

News came last night (see story here) that Dave Wilson was among 105 full and part-time Emmis employees caught in the most recent round of layoffs.

When I arrived in Indy nearly 15 years ago, Dave “The King” Wilson was…

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