It's time to step up

November 21, 2009

Tough times. It’s a phrase that we’ve been hearing and using for so many months. I wonder if it’s lost some of its meaning?

To those of us fortunate to have a job, “tough times” can stir up associations like staff cutbacks, frozen salaries, slashed bonuses and perks, unpaid leave, uncertainty about our own careers.

But for someone without a job, tough times can be even more frightening: spending what little financial cushion you might have just to get by; worries about how you’ll pay the next housing, food and utility bills; foreclosures and evictions; escalating stress and conflicts; health problems you can’t afford to treat; child care costs you can’t afford if you do get hired; being put on waiting lists at agencies who themselves are tapped out.

Tough times are real and challenging to navigate. But, if we are honest, we have to admit that those of us fortunate to have jobs have an advantage in tough times.

How can we best use that advantage? By resisting the impulse to cut back or eliminate our charitable giving at a time when needs are off the charts. It’s not too late.

There are so many lives at stake—and the organizations that work with them are depending on United Way to be successful. When we finish this campaign, will you and your company’s name be on the honor roll of those who stepped up when your community needed you most?

To step up your personal gift or your company’s campaign, write community@uwci.org or call 921-1206. If you do not work for a company that runs a United Way campaign, you can still contribute personally. Every dollar will help. Go to LiveUnitedGiveUnited.org and give.

Be courageous. Ease tough times with a helping hand for our community! Answer United Way’s call to LIVE UNITED by giving, advocating and volunteering.


Gino Santini

2009 Annual campaign chairman

United Way of Central Indiana

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