Story of creation is beautiful

November 17, 2008
In some ways I enjoyed [Mickey Maurer's Nov. 3] piece, "Costumes for the politically astute." There were certainly points I agreed with, which doesn't always happen when I read your columns!

I do want to fuss for a moment, however, on your comment about Gov. [Sarah] Palin and what she wants children to learn in school. You stated, "In my synagogue, they teach that the earth was created in six days. It's a lovely story, but that hocus pocus belongs in churches and synagogues—not in our public schools."

First of all, I don't think Palin is arguing how long it took to create the earth, so your point (in reference to her comment about men walking with dinosaurs) doesn't really make sense.

Second, I would like to refer you back to your own Joe the plumber costume segment in this piece. The violence we are experiencing here and around the country is a direct result of what we are and are not teaching in our public schools. You can infer what you wish here, but the statistics back my point.

Finally—hocus pocus? That's what you call the story of creation? Wow. That's even scarier than all of the costumes in your story combined! It's a shame you think God's beautiful work is hocus pocus. I bet even your rabbi might beg to differ. I just hope he hasn't read your column!

Theresia Whitfield
Fletcher Communications

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