Goals are different than a decade ago

January 9, 2010

I’m from Cincinnati and spend much of my working time in Indianapolis. I try to read [Bruce Hetrick’s columns] whenever I can.The [Dec. 28] “Could we start again?” article really made me remember the hope and excitement of the new millennium 10 years ago.

What will happen in the next 10 years? Many of my grade school children will be driving by 2010, and they are. One will have graduated from college by 2010, and she did. I thought about the many changes I would be experiencing as I turned 50.

Your article allowed me to remember the anticipation and excitement of a new millennium that was hijacked on Sept. 11, 2001. I want to start over again. Maybe this time I will be better prepared to accept that life is not always fair. That this world is very beautiful, but because this world is also very much smaller, our neighbors, although an ocean away, want us to know they are here to stay, brutal as they may seem.

America is still the most wonderful country on this planet, and if I start again, my hopes and dreams will be a little different than they were 10 years ago.


Mark Mazza
Jacobs Telephone Contractors

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