Bring back IBJ stock charts

January 23, 2010

Your decision to discontinue the printing of stock prices and economic activity charts, as announced in your Jan. 17 issue, was extremely disappointing to us as well as, surely, to other paid subscribers. Your assumption that all readers have the technology, expertise, and desire to obtain this information on the Internet is false. One reason subscribers pay to receive the printed IBJ is to have the information in a form usable for us. We find it necessary and relevant to have the printed material in hand.

The erroneous premise behind the decision regarding stock listings leads to an even more global question which should be presented to the “all-techies” on your editorial staff. What will happen to this (and other publications) if information continues to be given away on the Internet? First, it is unfair to those of us who support the publications with paid subscriptions. More important, should everyone decide that the printed page is irrelevant, how will your staff and infrastructure be supported without paid readers? Then everyone loses a valuable commodity.

Please reconsider your decision to discontinue the stock listings and economic activity charts.


Paul and Ruth Hayes

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