We should all have Forsell's fortitude

March 20, 2010

Sometimes we think we’re having a bad day, until we consider the plight of others. I was recently reminded of this when I came across David Forsell’s article, “Rx for reciprocity: Look beyond results” in the March 15 issue.

I had just seen David the day before when I was invited to tour the eco-friendly Keep Indianapolis Beautiful headquarters. We chatted about recycling, KIBI’s “green” building and about writing. Nothing in his appearance or demeanor indicated he was going through any kind of ordeal, much less something as horrific as a life-threatening genetic syndrome that causes multiple tumors throughout the body.

So I was stunned to read his words, and moved by his apparent lack of self-pity. In the article he described how he built relationships with his nurses during a hospital stay, and how much can be gained from building relationships in other settings, such as work and with KIBI’s donors. It is this kind of thinking that’s made KIBI such a success, and should be a model to all.


Kelly Jones Sharp 

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