Senator should be strong, not 'moderate'

April 17, 2010

So Mickey Maurer is not enthralled with the Republican field for the U.S. Senate. His answer [in his April 5 column] is some home-grown “big-leaguer” who is a “moderate.” In other words, another Sen. Lugar. Ho-hum indeed!

Frankly, I agree with him about former Sen. Coats. Coats is not “from Indiana.” He was hand-picked by Sen. John Cornyn—of Texas!

I want a senator from Indiana who “reports” to the people of Indiana and not Sen. Cornyn or [Kentucky’s] Sen. [Mitch] McConnell. But one either plays ball and gets plum committee assignments and campaign funding or one can simply stagnate in office if they get elected.

Indiana needs, first and foremost, an independent voice that will vote the interests of this state and who will be not be a “moderate” when it comes to dismantling this horror story of socialism building in Washington. Based on what I hear, that man is [Indiana] Sen. [Marlin] Stutzman.


John L. Sorg

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