Fieldhouse could have life without Pacers

July 24, 2010

The IBJ and others keep repeating that, should the Pacers leave, the city would be stuck with paying $14 [million]-$18 million a year in fieldhouse operating costs. Are you all assuming the facility will sit vacant? Come on.

The Sprint Center in Kansas City recently cut a check for $1.8 million to the city. Losing the Pacers would likely free up dates for profitable events.

The Sprint Center is a model of success that the city would be wise to follow.

Yet in all the IBJ’s discussion of the CIB, I’ve never once seen the $14 [million]-$18 million figure questioned or elaborated on, or other uses for the fieldhouse discussed.

You don’t have to agree with those of us who stand against subsidizing the Pacers, but as reporters you could at a minimum inform your readers and question [what is] fed you by authority.

I understand editorials editorialize, but I haven’t seen much critical reporting on this issue in any of your articles. Are you reporters or a Chamber of Commerce pamphlet?


Chuck Switzer

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