Some IUPUI adjunct instructors to receive 3-percent raises

November 16, 2010

A coalition representing part-time instructors in the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI announced Tuesday that those instructors will receive a 3-percent raise at the start of the spring semester in January, giving their raises parity with those of their full-time counterparts at Indiana University.

The pay increases do not apply to hundreds of other part-time instructors at IUPUI in other schools. The School of Liberal Arts has 209 adjunct professors out of a total of 1,032 that work at IUPUI.

The coalition conducted public demonstrations Sept. 28 and Nov. 2 after Indiana University President Michael McRobbie announced in September that full-time IU professors would receive pay raises averaging 3 percent effective Nov. 1. The announcement angered part-timers, who did not receive the raise.

For a three-credit course, minimum pay for part-time, or adjunct, liberal arts professors will increase to between $2,325 and $2,550 depending on their educational degrees.

The part-timers also will receive an additional $105 to pay parking costs and will be able to purchase their own parking passes as needed.

“We are encouraged and pleased with the changes happening within the School of Liberal Arts and hope to see similar gains for adjuncts across campus,” said Tracy Donhardt, president of the Associate Faculty Coalition, in a prepared statement.

The 120-member coalition formed a year ago to push for improvements in pay and working conditions within the School of Liberal Arts. It since has expanded to represent all part-time instructors at IUPUI.

About a quarter of IUPUI's instructors are part-timers.


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