Unions doom workers

November 27, 2010

[In response to a Nov. 15 Focus story] the quote by Unite Here spokeswoman Becky Smith, “They [hotels] often take the profits they reap in this market and plow them into other markets or ship them back to the corporate headquarters,” speaks volumes about organized labor.

Just imagine the novel concept of a business making a profit and then deciding whether to reinvest in other ventures or share the profit with shareowners! How quaint an idea in this day and age! This trite and arcane concept of businesses existing for the benefit of their shareowners and not for the benefit of their employees, if not eradicated immediately, could become contagious and spread throughout our country.

Corporate profits could make future bailouts unnecessary and actually create jobs and opportunity in the future. How could we possibly live in a world without bailouts and government stimulus programs? There is a word to describe businesses that do not reinvest their profits nor share them with their shareowners: bankrupt.

Unite Here, if successful in their organizing efforts, will help their workers join millions of other Americans in the unemployment line. The necessity of right-to-work legislation in Indiana has never been greater.


Craig L. Dunn
Liberty Financial Advisors LLC

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