Most immigrants want to contribute

January 1, 2011

I wish to compliment Carol Faenzi on the excellent [Dec. 13] opinion article on immigration, for taking the time to express those sentiments.

As a “real” immigrant, I very much understand the difficulties that individuals undergo in the process of becoming American. I am continuously grateful that my parents made the decision to come here, but I also am aware of the many difficulties that beset them in their first years here and my own feelings of bewilderment and agitation as an 8-year-old girl when I arrived in Indiana on a cold December day in 1951.

There are so many factors that swirl around the current “immigration” question; however, one should always keep in mind that the great majority of immigrants that arrive do want to partake and contribute to our great country. Thank you for expressing so well what many feel.


Silvana Martini Schuster

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