Linking specialties is key to life sciences

March 30, 2009
Indiana has made great progress in the life sciences over the last decade. Many innovative approaches have been tried and are constantly being refined. It is absolutely crucial that we move science and engineering closer to medicine. Our state has medicine at Indiana University, engineering at Purdue, and deep sciences at both institutions.

We should be thinking of one research enterprise separated only by two athletic departments. Yes, Purdue has a medical school, and yes, IU teaches engineering.

The Indiana Innovation Alliance being considered by our state lawmakers reinforces this point. We have had much success in stimulating company creation and job creation with the 21st Century Research and Technology Fund which, with its matching-fund mechanism, has enabled more federal research grants to come to small technology firms in Indiana.

The IIA will be an additional stimulation for more of the same as we transition further toward a knowledge-based economy. At Prosolia, we are working with scientists at IU Bloomington, the IU School of Medicine and Purdue. All three make it possible for us to continue to innovate while keeping Indiana intellectual property in Indiana.


Pete Kissinger
Prosolia Inc. chemistry professor
Purdue University
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