New galvanized hangers better for the environment

March 30, 2009
Fabric Care Center, a 49-year-old dry cleaning business at West Washing ton and Morris streets, is touting the benefits of galvanized steel hangers. Its new hanger supplier, Indy Hanger, a sheet metal manufacturer at 6635 E. 30th St., is one of only a few companies in the country that still make hangers.

Like most everything else, it turns out hangers from China have flooded the market.

Indy Hanger's product isn't painted as are most hangers--meaning no hazardous chemicals. Galvanized steel hangers also can last longer, reducing the number headed to landfills.

"It's a greener hanger and it puts Hoosiers to work. It wasn't a hard decision," said Tom Prionas, general manager of Fabric Care Center.

Also distributing Indy Hangers' galvanized hangers will be locally based packaging distributor Brown and Pratt.
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