Let's finally pass no-smoking bill

March 30, 2009
Nice piece [by columnist Bruce Hetrick in the March 23 issue], it really says it all. Thanks for having the courage to take the flak from the smokers who think it is their right to kill us.

I lived in Chicago four years ago when they passed the no-smoking ban in the city. Mike Ditka and all the restaurant owners [complained] to the aldermen and the council about how their restaurants and businesses would go broke. Well, the no-smoking bill passed and the nonsmokers came out of the closets and spent money. Now you don't even hear about it, except from some (cough, cough) smokers that we will have to subsidize their health care when they get sick, and they will.

Chicago is ahead of Indy and that's embarrassing. All the crooks in government in Illinois and Chicago and they got it right. Who'd a thought!

They also passed a law about cell phones [while driving] and you can only use Bluetooth, no texting or one hand off the wheel. When more people die, then this town will come out of the Dark Ages.

Now, about the no-liquor sales on Sunday oh well another day.


Kent R. Grimes
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