Open the Circle to food trucks

May 7, 2011

[In response to a story in the May 2 Focus section] Food trucks have gone upscale, with many now offering really delicious food at very reasonable prices. Here’s an opportunity to enliven the city with al fresco dining in a spectacular yet casual party-like atmosphere amidst the architectural splendor of Monument Circle.

On designated evenings, Indy should close the Circle to traffic from about 6 to 10 p.m. and allow an eclectic variety of a dozen or so of these mobile kitchens to set up shop, each providing tables and chairs so that their guests will dine comfortably right in the middle of the street.

Depending on demand, the food truck roster could vary from night to night. The regularity of the crowd would undoubtedly draw street performers, who would entertain visitors before, during and after their dinners.

In these budget-tight times, taxpayers will really appreciate that fees paid by the food-service operators as determined by supply and demand should be more than adequate to cover the city’s minimal cost and may even generate for the city a profit.


Paul Vezolles

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