A bit of Lauth history

June 1, 2009

[Regarding the May 25 story, "Lauth granted reprieve,"] please note that Lauth Property Group is an offshoot of the original company founded by myself and Terry Eaton in 1976. It was then known as Ernst/Eaton Associates.

I sold my interest in the company to Terry Eaton in 1983 after another downturn in real estate caused by extremely high borrowing rates (22 percent) back then. The company remained under the name of Ernst/Eaton until Bob Lauth purchased an interest in the company in 1984 and it then became Eaton/Lauth. Later, Terry Eaton sold his interest then to Bob Lauth and it became Lauth Property Group.

All developments prior to 1983 were done as Ernst/Eaton Associates. I now have Charter Commercial Realty Group LLC. We provide services for financial institutions that have troubled assets.

Bill Ernst

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