Pay for your own contraception

March 24, 2012

Bruce Hetrick [March 12 column] misses the most obvious point in his support of “Obama Care.” Freedom was once described to me as, “We are free to do whatever we want, until it interferes with the right of someone else to do the same.” If you want me to be involved with a question such as contraception, then my rights and the rights of others all must be considered equally. The compromise becomes lowest common denominator that does not infringe on any one person.

If that is unacceptable to any party, then they must opt out of the compromise and seek their own solution. I will not support paying for someone else’s contraception or more importantly, abortions, and will stand on my First Amendment rights to not be forced to do so. Other parties are free to pursue these activities without my participation, thereby exercising their rights as well. In other words, if you want something that is repugnant to me, pay for it yourself and leave me out of the question.


Mike Hutson

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