Why help Democrats?

October 20, 2012

I must respectfully disagree with Mickey Maurer’s Oct. 15 commentary. The issue is not whether Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman used good judgment in her support of Richard Mourdock, nor is it whether Mourdock’s attempt to change his image (assuming that is what he is trying to do) is believable or not, nor is it about Richard Lugar’s failed attempt to win the primary because of his unfortunate business-as-usual non-strategy. It’s about votes and not conceding one more inch to the Democratic Party.

What Mourdock says he is going to do is probably overstated compared to what he is going to be able to accomplish. I am willing to risk that in comparison to doing anything to provide aid and comfort to Joe Donnelly, whose own declarations of bipartisanship (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) are nothing more than thinly veiled hogwash. Indiana voters have the choice between continuing the disastrous path the Obama/Clinton/Soros cabal has led this nation down or candidates that will at least try to reverse the nonachievements of the last four years.

If we are ignorant enough to continue to accept the verbal candy that Obama so skillfully promises to dispense, shame on us. We deserve to wander aimlessly through the wreckage of a formerly great nation.

Richard S. Maurer

(The writer is not related to IBJ co-owner Mickey Maurer.)

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