Local startup offers 'virtual' resume management

November 3, 2008
Internet job boards provide lots of listings. But they offer few opportunities for outstanding job seekers to stand out, particularly in a souring economy. That's why, in September, Jeff Bockelman launched CareerScribe LLC, a local Web forum where users can "virtually" manage their resumes.

Bockelman, a CPA, is a former personnel recruiter. These days, he said, companies are looking for a lot more information than a few bullet points can provide. They want as much detail as possible about job candidates, so candidates need to manage and present their strengths as carefully as marketers cultivate brands, he said.

CareerScribe allows employees to "scrapbook" their every work experience. Users can post just about everything they can document from or related to the workplace, such as college transcripts, original job offer letters, Power Point presentations and published research. They can even file introductory videos to personalize it all.

www.careerscribe.com is free for individuals. Businesses are charged a $4,000 annual subscription fee to access its content. Bockelman, who is financing CareerScribe out of his own pocket, has three employees. Although the company hasn't established a formal brick-and mortar office, Bockelman said he's already attracted six client companies that now have access to a growing database of several hundred virtual resumes.
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