Morris column hit home

March 2, 2013

I enjoyed Greg Morris’ [Feb. 25] column. However, I wish he had taken it one step further to explain the absurdity of these so called “sequestration” cuts as they relate to baseline budgeting.

In baseline budgeting, the budgets of every single government agency grow each year by a certain percentage whether or not they actually need the money. For example, if the Department of Energy had a budget this year of $100 million in baseline budgeting, next year’s budget would automatically be $120 million.

Under the current proposals, their budget for next year would only be, say, $110 million. Liberals call it a cut but it couldn’t be further from the truth. How can you go from $100 million to $110 million the following year and define it as a cut? Only in liberal, utopian, fantasyland, that’s how.

In all of this fear-mongering, liberals accuse Republicans of starving children, pushing elderly people off cliffs, and a general hatred of their fellow Americans’ well-being. It’s complete nonsense. It’s nothing more than political theater executed by the charlatan who resides in the White House and his fellow liberals over the last 40 years.

Jim Kennedy

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