Replace Delph with Ford

June 7, 2014

As a resident new to Indiana, I have been troubled by news reports pertaining to state Sen. Mike Delph. His Twitter rants and public statements to media were published repeatedly, but there was nothing newsworthy about them.

His news coverage caused me to start looking at alternatives to his Senate seat. That is when I read an article that mentioned J.D. Ford. After researching his background and credentials, I reached out to him and two days later we met for lunch. He was easy to talk with, intelligent and seemed to care about my ideas.

IBJ readers should know there is someone like Ford who wants to hear their concerns, loves his community and wants everyone to be treated equally. He has a passion for public service, stands by teachers, and believes education is the most important investment we can make in our children’s future. Why aren’t we hearing more about Ford?

Susan Kroggel

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