The Interview Issue: Quick Takes

September 27, 2014


Tanya Bell: Dealing with the unexpected death of my 58-year-old mother four years ago.

Tony Bennett: The last 20-22 months were tough.

Doug Boles: Deciding to quit Panther Racing.

Mike Cunningham: As our company grows, it’s difficult to stay connected to our team members.

Ron Ellis: Patient optimism. You’ve got to believe.

Michael Feinstein: Myself.

Karen Ferguson: Transforming a business for the future.

Sarah Fisher: Fighting my way back into IndyCar racing in 2007.

Jim Hallett: Having to make the decision to bankrupt a deal. It was the first time I had ever failed in business.

Jeffrey Johnson: Growing up without a father. That transition, going from boyhood to manhood, is not always easy not having that model right there in front of you.

Stanley Kahn: The death of my mom and my uncle. It sort of set me in a dark place and I had to find my way out.

Maria Quintana: Surviving living in the inner city.

Peter Rusthoven: Shyness and trepidation about venturing into new situations, speaking in public, and otherwise moving beyond one’s comfort zone.

Jeff Smulyan: Keeping Emmis Communications afloat during the downturn.

Matt Tully: Finding my voice as a columnist.

Peter Wilt: Overcoming a lack of time and resources.


Christine Altman: If you have a business or investment that is not performing, take the loss and move on.

Tanya Bell: Give back by reaching out to elevate someone else.

Tony Bennett: Nobody should have a doubt by hearing your words and observing your actions about what your values and beliefs are, and you should do whatever you do with a passion.

Doug Boles: Be yourself; think for yourself.

Mike Cunningham: Invest in people! Find good people, don’t settle, and give them ownership in their responsibilities and successes.

Mitch Daniels: Insist on hearing bad news immediately.

Ron Ellis: Spend the money on the things that really, really matter and keep the head count down.

Michael Feinstein: Cultivate an inner spiritual life as a balance for the outside world.

Lewis Ferebee: Always be prepared.

Karen Ferguson: Listen to customers and employees.

Sarah Fisher: Put family first. Racing is so crazy and so roller-coaster that you need to take care of your family at the end of the day, because your family takes care of you.

Jim Hallett: Nobody is better than you. That doesn’t make you better than anybody else.

Denver Hutt: It’s better to look back with a story than wonder what could have happened.

Jeffrey Johnson: Have an appreciation for how God has made you and how you respond to things, rather than trying to duplicate others’ gifts and talents.

Stanley Kahn: Be a good listener.

Glenn Lyon: It’s never about the money; it’s about the success. When you have success, money will come.

Peter Rusthoven: Have the self-discipline to make yourself an effective instrument of your own policy.

Jeff Smulyan: You learn the great lessons of life in adversity.

Matt Tully: Find something to do for a living that you enjoy and care about and is more than just a job.

Peter Wilt: Think long term rather than short term.


Christine Altman: J. Razzo’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Tanya Bell: Rick’s Café Boatyard

Tony Bennett: in Indianapolis, Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Doug Boles: The Working Man’s Friend

Mike Cunningham: La Hacienda in Avon

Mitch Daniels: Peterson’s. Cheri and I, we’ve been there so many times, a few years ago they put a little sign in the booth we always sit in.

Ron Ellis: Baker’s Peak Deli in Lafayette. Why? Sugar cookies.

Michael Feinstein: in central Indiana, Divvy

Lewis Ferebee: St. Elmo’s Steak House

Karen Ferguson: Harry & Izzy’s

Sarah Fisher: Dawson’s on Main

Jim Hallett: Ruth’s Chris on the north side

Denver Hutt: Good Morning Mama’s

Jeffrey Johnson: Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles

Stanley Kahn: Bravo

Glenn Lyon: Oakley’s Bistro

Scott Newman: 10-01 Food & Drink

Maria Quintana: Sakura

Peter Rusthoven: Patrick’s Kitchen & Drinks, Zionsville

Jeff Smulyan: The Capital Grille

Sarah Taylor: Vito Provolone’s Italian Restaurant

Peter Wilt: John’s Famous Stew

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