A qualified vote for mail-in voting

December 13, 2014

“Mail-in voting” has many merits [Ryerson Viewpoint, Dec. 8]. I find it a bit strange here in Indiana that there seems to be a lack of well documented, well publicized information prior to any election. Being able to read necessary information —perhaps thoroughly—then voting and sending in the ballot has great appeal.

What I like about the California process is the “newspaper-like” information booklets that get sent to legally registered voters sufficiently ahead of the voting date. I have read several of these voter information sheets and they certainly could help a voter—if the voter chooses to read them.

I somewhat disagree with Ryerson’s remark about excuses for getting an absentee ballot. It seems reasonable to me that offering a reason for securing an absentee ballot is really not a big issue.


William A. Ellingson

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