FAST 25: Knowledge Services

July 18, 2015
Joe and Julie Bielawski continue to reinvent their company. (Photo courtesy of Knowledge Services)

3-year growth: 153 percent 
2014 revenue: $214.8 million

Needing their help:

Since the recession, Julie and Joe Bielawski have found their services more in demand than ever. Their company helps businesses manage labor from human resources, insurance and cost perspectives, so they’re dealing with issues like companies’ bringing on contingent workers rather than full-time employees and needing to address provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Enterprise resource planning:

Knowledge Services’ business involves anything having to do with engaging and managing labor. Clients come to it for help with issues such as pay rates, job-title rationalizations (For example, What’s the difference between a senior clerk and junior clerk?), and ensuring that personnel are properly credentialed and recertified, when necessary.

How they do it:

About 10 to 12 years ago, the two designed and built a software system they use to help with process automation. “There’s a lot of paperwork involved with contracts, payments, credentialing, certification, insurance requirements that go into managing labor,” said Joe, who’s executive vice president. “Our job is to continue to be relevant and provide ever-increasing value to our customers.”

Reimaging itself:

Twenty years ago, Julie Bielawski started Knowledge Services as a rentable computer training facility. The company has been through concentrations in public education, consulting, software systems development and, now, labor services. “You continually have to reinvent yourself,” Joe said. “We spend a lot of time asking ourselves, ‘How could we become irrelevant a year from now?’ If we can conceive of that, we should be the ones to come up with a solution that could change the industry a year from now.”

Back again:

Joe Bielawski said this year is looking strong for Knowledge Services, and he expects the company to return to IBJ’s list of the fastest-growing companies. “We’re introducing new capabilities and services that we’ll be piloting later this year,” he said. “Those will provide continued growth in a very meaningful way.” •

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