FCC: Firm pays $750K settlement for blocking Wi-Fi signals

August 20, 2015

Regulators have reached a $750,000 settlement with Smart City Holdings LLC for blocking consumers' Wi-Fi signals at convention centers around the country, including in Indianapolis.

Federal regulators announced the settlement earlier this week, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Officials say the Internet and telecommunications provider had been blocking personal mobile hotspots used by convention visitors who used their own data plans instead of paying Smart City's substantial fees for Wi-Fi signals.

Investigators say Smart City blocked signals at convention centers in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Florida and Arizona.

The Federal Communications Commission says Smart City charged exhibitors and visitors $80 to access the company's wireless Internet services for a day. If they didn't, the company would automatically block users from accessing the Internet from their hotspots.

A statement from Las Vegas-based Smart City says the company admitted no wrongdoing and wasn't found to have violated any laws.


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