Accuser has baggage but may be telling truth

October 10, 2015

Good post [Katina Powell: “This story is the truth,” IBJ.com on Oct. 3]. It’s worth following up with an investigation.

Just because she’s an opportunist doesn’t mean Louisville didn’t hire escorts for recruits, which I personally would bet goes on at lots of schools.

As for her being reprehensible, and perhaps guilty of crimes herself, that could be true enough, but that still doesn’t mean this didn’t happen.

Alas, you would find many times in criminal proceedings and jury trials that the witness/witnesses against the accused are as reprehensible or more so than the accused is.

You know the old saying that you are the company you keep. If cops are trying to bust a drug ring, who do you think end up being witnesses other than confidential informants? That’s right, other people involved, like the pushers and the addicts who patronize them.

The fact that you have a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist involved should lend some credence to authenticity of the story.

Nevertheless, journalists who don’t ask the right questions end up with egg on their face—ask Rolling Stone or Sports Illustrated.

We don’t really know one way or the other. Rick Pitino has proven to be no model of virtue himself, so he’s going to face an investigation, like it or not.•


Jim Hunter

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