Republicans should not compromise away principles

May 14, 2016

I just finished reading Deborah Daniels’ column [Contempt for other views is no recipe for accomplishment, May 9 Forefront].

It is another example of the naive views held by the establishment of the Republican Party (of which I believe she is a member). Ms. Daniels speaks of the need to compromise. Let me give you my perspective.

Since Ronald Reagan left office, every aspect of government has continued to move to the left. It did not matter who was president. It did not matter who controlled the Congress.

The rights of every American have continued to erode for the sake of one “unfair” outcry after another. The Republicans (I shall not call them a party, as they are not), have repeatedly allowed the Democratic Party (and they are a united party) to keep moving the goal post to the left.

Every compromise, and there have been thousands, has continued down the path of destroying democracy as our founders envisioned it. America needs to move to the right and move to the right quickly before our democracy is completely destroyed by the socialist/communist views put forth by the Democrats.

No, Ms. Daniels, it is not time for compromise. It is time to give us back our freedoms of speech, assembly, religion and property! It is time to bring America back from the abyss. I only pray Donald Trump will have the will to fight for our right. No one else is!


Chuck Lang

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