Long-time statewide media directory folding after 30 years

August 1, 2017

After 30 years, the Indiana Media Directory is ceasing operations.

The media directory’s publisher, Lori Brackemyre, told subscribers in an online message that she is retiring and “will no longer be selling new or renewing current subscriptions.”

“I thank the thousands of customers who have used the Indiana Media Directory over the past 30 years,” Brackemyre said in her online message.

Brackmyre added that “we will continue to service our current subscriptions through July 2018 or your current subscriptions’ expiration date—whichever is earlier.”

Attempts to contact Brackemyre were unsuccessful.

The directory’s clients—according to its web site—ranged from Cook Medical and Donato’s Pizza to the United Way and YMCA. The publication was widely used by advertising agencies and public relations firms statewide.

“The Indiana Media Directory was huge for those of us who have grown up in the industry,” said Jennifer Dzwonar, managing partner for locally based ad agency and PR firm Borshoff, which was just a 3-year-old business when the first Indiana Media Directory was published in 1987. “It was critically important for a lot of firms. It lasted as long as it did in this digital age because it was such a great resource.”

As Borshoff grew over the years, it eventually stopped using the Indiana Media Directory in favor of a more advanced national service. But Dzwonar said national services are much more expensive. The Indiana Media Directory’s latest advertised subscription rate was $95 annually.

Dzwonar said the publication was still useful for many firms.

“It was the only resource of its kind focused solely on Indiana,” she said.

Even with the proliferation of national digital resources, long-time local PR pro Kate Snedeker said the Indiana Media Directory maintained its value.

“Any PR person in Indianapolis without their Indiana Media Directory was essentially handicapped. It was the local Bible and helped countless PR professionals target the right reporter with their pitches and releases,” Snedeker told IBJ. “Even as online database services, like Cision, developed, I kept my subscription—knowing that Lori's list was more trustworthy and valuable than any national platform.”

The media directory was advertised as being available “online and downloadable” and offering clients “media contacts you can’t find online.”

The directory contained 778 listings, including 385 radio stations, 52 television stations, 256 newspapers, 89 specialty publications and six news services. 

It was key, Dzwonar said, in helping agencies, not-for-profit organizations and for-profit companies contact news reporters and editors, and TV and radio producers and broadcasters.

“I’m sure it’s going to be missed,” Dzwonar said.


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