Letter: A welcome defense of Mike Pence

May 10, 2019

Great article by Gary Varvel [Taylor students have bought into Pence caricature, Forefront, April 26]. As a Taylor alumni and the author of The Faith of Mike Pence, I wrote Taylor’s president a letter and encouraged him to consider the vice president’s consistent 41-year walk with the Lord, his faithful, non-wavering biblical stances in politics, and the testimonies and stories of almost 60 people (including colleagues from BOTH sides of the aisle and LGBT advocates) I interviewed for the book, and to dismiss the gossip, lies and slander that have been perpetrated by the enemy against our vice president.

The petition against Pence was begun by a Taylor alumni who is gay who is angry about his views on marriage. He has stirred up the faculty, students and alumni by selling the lie that God is love and so we all need to be tolerant and accept all sin/behavior/sexual orientation, etc.

Unfortunately, thousands of people are buying into it and making excuses, defending the LGBT community/homosexuality, and rebuking Pence and his biblical views. In doing so, they are rejecting God. What they are neglecting is John 1:5 that tells us that, “God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.” God’s love is a holy love, not a sentimental feeling that condones sin and pampers sinners. Franklin Graham is right, they have been bewitched and led astray.


Leslie Montgomery
Boise, Idaho

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