Facemasks mandatory again at City-County Building, local courts

Facemask wearing  will again be mandatory starting Tuesday at the City-County Building and all courthouse facilities in Marion County, according to an order issued Monday by judges on the Marion Superior Court and Marion Circuit Court.

The judges said rising COVID-19 case numbers and a positivity rate that has risen to 10.5% have created a need for the order. The courts said a pandemic-record number of employees, lawyers and jurors at Marion Superior Court have tested positive for COVID-19.

The order applies to all individuals aged 2 and older at the City-County Building, Juvenile Justice Complex, Traffic Court, Marion Superior Court and Marion Circuit Court.

Facial coverings shall be provided if individuals do not have their own before entering the facilities.

Indiana is seeing COVID cases and hospitalizations hit levels not reached since early this year. Marion County on Sunday reported 325 new COVID-19 cases.

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25 thoughts on “Facemasks mandatory again at City-County Building, local courts

  1. If the vaccine works, why wear a mask? If someone chooses to not vaccinate and gets sick or dies from their decision, why do you care? Don’t worry about my body. Worry about yours.

    1. Because if you are unvaccinated and get really sick and have huge medical bills it impacts everybody. Do you not think insurance companies just pass along increasing cost to their customers? A public health crisis is not about individuals but about communities collectively

    2. Glen: now do – obesity, smoking, alcohol, drug abuse, etc.

      Those who are young, generally healthy, paying into the system, subsidize the… elderly, terminal ill, reckless, and even those with the flu, pneumonia, cancer, heart disease, or SARS and more!

    3. JCB-not an apple to apple comparison exactly…

      Yes smoking, overeating etc. can lead to costs that others shouldn’t have to subsidize but do. Many other illnesses are just arguably bad luck and not lifestyle choice fallouts.

      Not getting a Covid vaccine just because it infringes on your “personal freedom” is dumb, plain and simple.

    4. RYAN…
      We *DO* worry about our bodies. Right now, the biggest threat to us is *YOU*. You’ve heard of the mutations (for some reason, “variant” doesn’t seem to faze you) such as Delphi? Right now, those who have more than two brain cells to rub together and got vaccinated can still get Covid (so far, no one seems naturally immune to Covid). It’s just attenuated. What hasn’t been announced is whether those who are vaccinated are capable of generating a mutation. Those who haven’t been vaccinated most certainly *CAN* create a mutation. And just as the Delphi mutation is more virulent, some other mutation may be capable of not only making those who were smart enough to get vaccinated, SICK, it might be able to kill anyone with impunity. And the issue of mutations isn’t a new twist — here’s a story over a year old about a guy in South Carolina with 3 strains:

    5. Glen – so time to bring back smoking sections at restaurants as long as they are vaccinated!

  2. (Can H. speaking here)

    Ryan H., it’s a community issue–not just a matter of personal choice. People who are vaccinated can still carry and spread the virus, and they can get sick with COVID-19. They are very unlikely to get seriously ill or die, but it’s prudent to stem the spread by wearing masks.

    Vaccination is by far the best way to restrain the spread of COVID-19, but with so many refusing vaccination, other measures such as masking, testing and distancing are more important than ever.

    We will never beat COVID-19 if so many people fail to take it seriously and take measures that will protect us all.

    Good luck and good health to you!

    1. Can H:

      Ok, please send the prospective peer reviewed articles that show masks stop a micro particle virus.

      And I’m grab we suddenly beat influenza and all other general colds!

    2. JCB… you’re funny comparing influenza or the common cold to COVID-19 and its variants.

    3. Let me tell you a story. A friend of mine tested positive for covid after both vaccinations and contracting and recovering from covid. People on this thread seem to have a level of intelligence but little common sense. Wake up and see this ruse is about control with the ultimate goal of eroding your civil rights and creating subjects. I am a citizen not a serf

  3. We will never “beat Covid”. It’s here to stay. If you want to wear your cloth mask that’s been in and out of your pocket for days please feel free. Science has proven these masks are little to no use for the general public but again, if they make you feel more comfortable keep em on. Just let the rest of us move on with our lives.

  4. Typically uneducated crowd of Hoosiers. Get with the program and wear a mask. If it weren’t for: the immuno-compromised, those under age 12, and the fact that your reckless selfishness may very well allow a new variant to develop for which the current vaccines are ineffective, you can all get the virus and die (without the benefit of our hospital systems) for all I care.

    1. CDC: Not so fast! Not so fast! I’ll have to give the matter a little thought! Go away and come back tomorrow! Mask up!

      America: You’ve had plenty of time already!

      CDC: Do not arouse the wrath of the Great and Powerful Oz! I said come back tomorrow!

      America: If you were really great and powerful, you’d keep your promises!

      CDC (and Randy, Wes, Fauci, etc. [insert name]): Do you presume to criticize the Great Oz? You ungrateful creatures! Think yourselves lucky that I’m giving you an audience tomorrow, instead of twenty years from now! Oh! The Great Oz has spoken! Oh! Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. The Great, Powerful…

  5. If everyone would get a vaccine which is the only sane thing to do, we would be on a path to conquering this virus. The mentality of the anti-vax people is incomprehensible. If you can smell someone’s perfume, food in a restaurant, a flower.. the mask is not doing any good.. and that’s true for almost any mask besides a tightly fitting N95. The incredible vaccine, produced by US private industry in breakthrough time is something miraculous in its ingenuity. The anti-vax people are prolonging and extending a preventable pandemic and need to te- evaluate their reluctance. It is true insanity.

  6. I am amused by all of the mask proponents who call out the others as “ignorant” and “uneducated” when in fact they are the ones that keep blinding parroting the “wear masks! wear masks!” mantra of their gods on high, which has no basis in science. Please show me the studies demonstrating masks have any perceptible, appreciable impact on viral transmission.

  7. JFC we Hoosiers are a stupid bunch, at least judging by the anti-mask and -bad proponents here. And the way those in the hinterlands of this state vote.

    Amateur epidemiologists and virologists: show us your credentials in those disciplines. Until then, it’s the CDC for me. I rely on them to be the experts so I don’t have to be. Why are you so special?

  8. I’m innoculated, but not indoctrinated. Stubborn ignorance = refusal to take advantage of the vaccine, unless your doctor warns against it due to a specific medical condition. Herd mentality = repeatedly wearing the same old low filtration mask to prove conformity. My grandson went skydiving recently. Two ladies were also tandem jumping and demanded to continue wearlng their decorative cotton masks. Pretty fresh air at 13,000 feet, I think.