Holcomb closes Statehouse, state office complex next week ‘to err on the side of caution’

Gov. Eric Holcomb said Friday that the state government complex will be closed to the public on Tuesday and Wednesday out of concern about threats to state capitols. (IBJ file photo)

Gov. Eric Holcomb has announced he is closing the Statehouse for part of next week “to err on the side of caution” as the FBI has warned that potentially violent protests could take place at all state capitols over the next several days leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

Holcomb announced the Statehouse and the adjacent state office complex will be closed to the public Tuesday and Wednesday in addition to the closure already set for the weekend and Monday, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

As part of the closure, leaders of the Indiana General Assembly have canceled all legislative activity for next week. Staff will work remotely and all floor sessions and committee hearings have been postponed.

Senate President Pro Tem Rodric Bray said the decision was made, in part, at the urging of Indiana State Police Doug Carter.

“We have a lot of work to do this session on behalf of Hoosiers, but the safety of every person in the Statehouse is always our number one priority,” said Sen. Rodric Bray, R-Martinsville, in a statement.

“This decision was made out of caution and in the best interest of everyone involved in the legislative process,” House Speaker Todd Huston, R-Fishers, said in a statement. “Public gatherings are a critical component of our democracy, and I pray that any demonstrations are peaceful and respectful of the incredible privilege we all have as Americans to make our voices heard.”

According to a release from the governor’s office, there have been no credible threats made against the Statehouse.

The governor has also moved his weekly press briefing from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon and will give his annual State of the State address virtually on Tuesday evening instead of delivering it from the Statehouse.

“The safety and security of our state employees and the Hoosiers who use our state services are always top of mind,” Holcomb said in a statement. “After an evaluation with public safety leaders, we have decided to err on the side of caution and close the state government complex to the public. Hoosiers will still be able to access essential state services online, on the phone, or in-person at branches around the state.”

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32 thoughts on “Holcomb closes Statehouse, state office complex next week ‘to err on the side of caution’

  1. We wouldn’t be at this place if their actually honesty and integrity in this election.

    The people whether D or R have been insulted and disrespected by tyrants that nullified the true results of the election and shrugged off the their sworn oaths and duties of office as to not investigate the obvious Constitutional irregularities and outright fraud.

    In other words they are telling us that we get the candidates they say we get and that’s it.

    That will never be accepted and there will be continual consequences our country is going to be bearing out until this election is made right!!!

    1. The sad thing is you actually believe what you’re typing. There was no fraud. Trump’s own lawyers were rejected by the courts multiple times, from judges Trump put on the bench. We didn’t act like this after Hillary won the popular vote, and still lost the election. Why? Because she had the character to concede the morning after the election. We probably would have seen similar attacks to the Capitol building had she not. Trump doesn’t have the integrity to do the same because he is a narcissist. The sooner your realize this, the better.

    2. Hillary conceded only because she was beaten due to a dropping of the guard. She was such a ‘shoe in’ there was no need to rig the system. Amazingly Trump wins when there was a fair and just election. From the day he took office the deep state came to the forefront to evacuate a justly elected president with false claims, impeachment, you name it on pure made up charges in order to create thier coup. Never would what happened to Hillary ever happen again. We need to wake up and see things as they are if we want to hold on to this country

    3. You know who didn’t think the 2016 election was free and fair?

      Donald Trump.

      He claimed it was rigged before it happened. After he won, he put together a committee to investigate fraud. They disbanded after not finding any.


      Trump claimed every election was rigged. He claimed the Iowa caucuses were rigged when Ted Cruz won. He’s the boy who cried fraud.

      Again, the only fraud in the 2020 election was the Big Lie that there was fraud that would have changed the outcome. 60 court cases, 90 judges, not a win among them.

    4. Darrell 60 courts both D and R around the country found no credible evidence of fraud. Ditto Trump’s atty gen’l Bill Barr. You can’t overturn an election based on rumor and accusation alone. The true tyranny was the violent mob that ended up killing an officer, and injuring many more, during the attempted overthrow of our democracy. That was a dangerous betrayal of our country and is pushing us towards a civil war – just what Putin wants. He is rubbing his hands in glee watching our country tear itself apart. It is time to cool down and move forward.

    1. I feel bad for people like Jeffrey and Darrell who have been indoctrinated with this nonsense. Honestly, they may as well be in a cult,

  2. Warning signs of a cult:
    1. The leader is always right.
    2. Criticism of the leader or questioning the leader is considered persecution.
    3. Anything the leader does is justified, no matter how harmful it may be.
    4. The leader is the only source of truth, everybody is lying.
    5. Disciples must be devoted to the leader and never question him.

    1. “ I don’t want to say that it’s as if some groups of people have been mindlessly deluded into this, or that somehow technology performed hypnosis. These are people who believe the system is woefully broken—which a lot of us can agree with. But they’ve also chosen who they’re going to believe. And in that case, they’re not operating on facts; they’re operating on belief. And they believe Trump was chosen by God, and that he called upon them to go to the Capitol and save him.”


  3. The comments continue to show how gullible the American public is to career politicians and the media.

    Further, the hypocrisy that there can only be extremists on the right, but as Pelosi says: “people do what they do…” from March – November, is a double standard that will continue to be used as a tool to fundamentally change the foundation of our Nation.

    1. Gullible? Project much?

      Speaking of things that fundamentally change the foundation of our nation, there was a peaceful transfer of power in every single election until this one. Now troops are sleeping in the US Capitol and we’re all waiting to see folks as deluded as you carry out treason against the United States of America, led by a con man who managed to become elected President because, hey, what’s the worst than can happen? Now we all know the answer to that question.

    2. Joe – I think all the Capitol buildings should be open and police/LEOs should just stand down. Like the Summer. “People do what they do…”

      I’m not supporting extremists on either side, just stating again the double standard is clear and on display.

      Term limits for all government officials would be a start…

    3. Joe B, rioting took place, doing considerable damage just blocks from the National Mall during the 2017 Inauguration. A group called DisruptJ20 attempted to block bridges and trains, release butyric acid into a GOP celebratory party (the DeploraBall), and blockade entry points to the national mall. Much of this was caught, but there was plenty of windows smashed (storefronts, car windows) and vandalism in the form of graffiti and public receptacles overturned or torched. In other words, what we’ve been seeing often and on again throughout the last four years, with a literal explosion in such violent property destruction starting May 2020.

      “There has been a lot of talk of peaceful transition of power as being a core element in a democracy and we want to reject that entirely and really undermine the peaceful transition,” said Legba Carrefour, an organizer with DisruptJ20. https://thebaffler.com/latest/interviews-for-resistance-carrefour

      The rationale for these extreme preparations in 2021 is the activity in 2017. It was NOT a peaceful transfer of power.

    4. I missed the part in 2017 where Congress had to stop verifying votes because a mob rushed in and hit a cop in the head with a fire extinguisher and killed him. And troops had to move into the Capitol.

      The thing about “both siding” this one is that the right just went screaming past where the antifa people were. Rushing Congress really kicks things up a notch. But go on and keep both-siding it to make yourself not have to deal with the ugly truth.

      Before there can be peace, there must be justice. I’m all for arresting the nuts. People who wrecked property during BLM protests or attacked cops should be locked up. Cops who beat the tar out of people because they could should be thrown off the force. People who stormed the Capitol should be charged with sedition. And the political who inspired them should be barred from ever holding office again.

    5. Joe B, why can’t the people “who wrecked property” during the BLM/Antifa riots, including vandalizing the Lincoln Memorial and tearing down statues on federal property, be charged with sedition? What about the people in Seattle who literally declared secession through their Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)? Or the imitation Red House Autonomous Zone (RHAZ) in Portland that the legacy media failed to even cover? Or the return of the CHAZ in Seattle again, as recently as a few weeks ago?

      Only leftists use the “both siding” because it helps deflect from how they have clearly set the precedent for political violence. To claim that “the right just went screaming past where the antifa people were” is an argument you can only credibly make because the mainstream media has so obviously and embarrassingly contorted itself to hide the fact a single night in Portland over the summer makes the Capitol storming look like a bunch of children at a costume party. They’re burning Biden/Harris signs now, they’re still smashing storefronts, they’re still trying to firebomb federal buildings, and they’re sending death threats to a journalist that tries to expose them…as well as bookstores that carry his book.

      But you’d be forgiven for not knowing these things, given that you use Politico as a news source. Fine and good.

      There is unquestionably violence on both sides, which is repulsive. It just happens to be many, many magnitudes greater on the left, and there’s almost complete deniability from the higher-ups (“just an idea”). Or, even worse, they outright condone it as “social justice”. I’m sure the people burned alive in the Minneapolis riots feel they suffered unspeakable agony for a good and worthy cause!

    6. Oh, and Joe B., did you forget the Democrats’ storming of the Senate building in 2018 during the Kavanaugh hearings? Screaming death threats at Sens Collins, Graham, Murkowski, among others? How many cops were murdered during the Summer of Hate?

      I’m not a Republican in the least. Can’t stand either party. But the Democrats have absolutely zero moral high ground. None whatsoever. In the last few years at least, they have been much more violent.

    7. All are bad. None reach the level of the US Capitol being attacked while Congress is in session conducting constitutionally mandated business to ratify the results of an election, by a mob called to action by the President of the United States and other conspirators trying to prevent Congress from completing that action. Last I checked they don’t meet in Portland or Minneapolis to do any of that. And you think people should be charged with sedition for harming a statue then you really need to go take a middle school government class again.

      Spare me the “I’m not a Republican and you’re a leftist” nonsense. The debate is no longer between left and right. It’s between people who support American democracy and those who are OK with an authoritarian government. Pretty sure I know what side you’re on.

      Here’s a member of the GOP for 30 years and historian who thinks the whole lot of seditionists from Trump on down should be treated like the Nazis were treated in 1946. You won’t read it because of the source, but then again, if you don’t read news because the URL scares you, well, tough.


  4. So this “Republican” is sending our National Guard to DC to protect them against right wing peaceful protest but does nothing during the left wing “Peaceful” Protest that ruined our own city. It certainly is a weird time.

    1. So are you saying nothing should be done about the attempt to overthrow our free and fair elections?
      Sure, more should have been done to address the riots last year, but seems to me you are indicating because it wasn’t, then nothing should be done to address the attempted overthrow of our democracy.

  5. The fraud committed in this instance is not reflected in the elelction results, “Simple Joe” is our incoming President! The fraud was committed in the nefarious and politically partisan manipulation of the voting processes in direct violaqtion of our Constitution and State Constitutions. Results of this election do not need to be overturned but the attack on legal and valid voting practices and procedures should as hell does!

    1. 60 court cases and 90 judges disagree.

      What’s really ironic is the same people peddling this fraud have no interest in discussing their own manipulation in 2016 thanks to Russian hackers and disinformation techniques.

      Don’t worry, Republicans will make sure to tamp down on the democracy before 2024 and call it “voter integrity”.

  6. House Speaker Todd Huston, R-Fishers, said in a statement. “Public gatherings are a critical component of our democracy, and I pray that any demonstrations are peaceful and respectful of the incredible privilege we all have as Americans to make our voices heard.”

    Hey Todd it is a Constitutional Republic. And no they are not synonymous.

    Please if you are going to lead, understand what you are leading.

    1. They lied to them and used them for their votes. It’s gotten out of control. The Republican Party needs to cleanse itself of its seditious elements. Then we can have unity.

      When someone gets caught stealing from a business, do they ask the business to just forgive them for the sake of “unity”? Does a cheating husband tell his wife to “just move past” his infidelity? Nope, there is justice and repentance before there can be peace.

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