State passes 75K total COVID-19 cases, reports highest daily death toll in 2 months

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The Indiana State Department of Health on Tuesday reported 884 new COVID-19 cases, sending total cases in the state past 75,000 since the beginning of the pandemic.

The state also reported 25 new deaths due to COVID-19, the highest number of deaths in a daily report since June 11, when the same number was reported.

The department reported the testing of 9,609 more individuals. The 7-day testing-positivity rate ticked up from 7.3% on Monday to 7.4% on Tuesday. The state’s overall testing-positivity rate remained at 8.8%.

Marion County reported an increase of 125 cases, the 26th straight day that cases in the county have risen by more than 100. The county’s 7-day testing-positivity rate was 9.3%.

Following are the latest COVID-19 numbers from the Indiana State Department of Health. The department updates its data daily based on information received through 11:59 p.m. the previous day.

COVID-19 cases

*New cases: 884

Total cumulative cases reported Tuesday: 75,862

Total cumulative cases reported Monday: 74,992

Increase in cumulative cases: 870

Increase in cases reported Aug. 5-11: 6,607

Increase in cases reported July 29-Aug. 4: 5,577

Increase in cases reported July 1-Aug. 1: 21,170

Increase in cases reported June 1-July 1: 11,122

Increase in cases reported May 1-June. 1: 16,200

COVID-19 deaths

New deaths: 25

Total deaths: 2,863

Increase in deaths reported Aug. 5-11: 70

Increase in deaths reported July 29-Aug. 4: 69

Increase in deaths reported July 1-Aug. 1: 315

Increase in deaths reported June 1-July 1: 480

Increase in deaths reported May 1-June. 1: 914

COVID-19 testing

*New tested individuals: 9,609

Total cumulative tested individuals reported Tuesday: 861,655

Total cumulative tested individuals reported Monday: 852,111

Increase in cumulative tested individuals: 9,544

Percentage of total testing positive: 8.8%

Seven-day testing-positivity rate: 7.4%

Increase in tests reported July 1-Aug. 1: 268,890

Increase in tests reported June 1-July 1: 223,820

Increase in tests reported May 1-June. 1: 166,257

County numbers

Marion County cumulative cases: 16,088 (increase of 125)

Marion County new deaths: 5

Marion County cumulative deaths: 730

Marion County 7-day positivity rate: 9.3%

Hamilton County cumulative cases: 2,829

Hendricks County cumulative cases: 1,927

Johnson County cumulative cases: 1,789

Madison County cumulative cases: 1,006

Boone County cumulative cases: 687

Hancock County cumulative cases: 683

Morgan County cumulative cases: 493

Shelby County cumulative cases: 565

Indiana intensive care unit usage

Available ICU beds: 36.6%

ICU beds in use by COVID-19 patients: 14.6%

Available ventilators: 81.8%

Ventilators in use for COVID-19: 3%

U.S. and worldwide numbers

As of Tuesday, from Johns Hopkins University:

U.S. cases: 5,100,636

U.S. deaths: 163,613

Global cases: 20,126,452

Global deaths: 737,285

*New cases and tests are previously unreported cases and tests submitted to the Indiana State Health Department in the 24 hours through 11:59 p.m. the previous day. This category typically contains numerous duplicates—as many as 20% or more—that are later eliminated from the cumulative totals.

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10 thoughts on “State passes 75K total COVID-19 cases, reports highest daily death toll in 2 months

  1. More sensationalizing by the IBJ! “highest daily death toll in two months.” Great job of reporting IBJ! A simple click over to the ISDH website shows that the 25 deaths reported occurred over a 19 day span. (due to late reporting?) Here it is copied/pasted:
    New Deaths

    between 07/22/2020 and 08/10/2020

    I get that any death(s) are not good, I am merely pointing out the slanted/sensationalized coverage provided by the IBJ on the Covid pandemic, especially in their headlines. Every day a negative is emphasized or a positive is minimized. Example: one day last week when the daily positive tests went down, it was because there was a decline in testing. But, two weeks ago, on the day when “all time high in positive tests” was the headline, it was not pointed out that it was the fourth highest day of testing also, with over 12,000 tests administered.

    1. The ONLY number that means anything is the positivity rate over a reasonable # of days of a moving average. Test more, more positives. Test less, fewer positives. Positivity rate eliminates that distortion. Using a moving average does a pretty good job of removing the noisiness in the data due to weekends, delayed results, etc. I’d probably use a 10-day or 14-day MA, but they are trying to spot trends earlier.

      Look at the stats, Rod – Marion Co’s positivity rate has been stuck at 9.3% or so for at least a week or longer. And that’s with masks mandates in place. Don’t make the mistake the entire south did or certain other states out west – “It’s not horrible anymore, we’ve geared up with lots of extra ICU beds and PPE, so let’s re-open everything and ignore wearing masks and social distancing.”

      We’re in the crapper as a result, especially compared to other modern countries. It’s mostly due to a lack of a coherent, coordinated federal response and the “American Way” of individualism vs. concern for the collective health.

    2. How is it sensationalizing when it’s a fact. The State has been reporting death statistics this way from the beginning. IBJ is simply restating their numbers. This isn’t an opinion piece.

    3. Well Wesley, it’s sensationalizing when the statement, worse yet, headline printed, is “highest DAILY death toll in two months” when the deaths occurred over a 19 day span. 19 days is not DAILY! The only fact that doesn’t change is the total cumulative number of deaths. Your right, it’s not an opinion piece, as with the other examples I pointed out, 3 out of many, the IBJ is engaging in fear porn like most other media outlets.

    4. Rod, the daily death number reported by the state always includes deaths from numerous days. So do the case numbers and the testing numbers. Those daily numbers, however, represent how many deaths, cases, tested individuals, etc., were reported to the department in the 24-hour period through 11:59 p.m. the previous day. It definitely represents the daily increase in the cumulative total in that category, but that’s a little tough to fit in a 12-word headline.

  2. Rod is right, it’s not the facts that are in the article, it’s the headlines. Unfortunately they got me and I clicked only to read more of the same. I hate to say but I only know one person who passed away with COVID. He had many other co morbidities and was an older sick person. The death numbers and hospitalizations are what to worry about and I’m not seeing it. Every health professional in my personal life says hospitals are fine, not filled with COVID patients and in fact there are many empty rooms. Need I say more?

    1. That is exactly right. And all Operating Room specific COVID rooms and COVID patient areas have been converted back weeks ago to regular care areas. Ask those who work day in and out at hospitals. The panic data from the media ignore the reality that the facilities are empty, ICUs are very stable, and everyone needs to more on.

  3. Once again the IBJ fails to report the true numbers. The prior two days 11 deaths. Stop focusing on one day and look at the trends last two or last 30 days. People are relying on what you report. Start being responsible

    1. David, the trend numbers for the past week and the week before that are in the report, and so are numbers for the previous three months.