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Judge this elevator speech

April 1, 2008
Results are in for Purdue Universityâ??s second annual Elevator Pitch Competition, and a transcript of the winning pitch for the graduate-level division is below.

Bob Caswell spit this out in less than two minutes, less time than the ride to the top of Chase Tower but seemingly longer than it takes some old elevators to move to the next floor.

The point of elevator speeches is to get people interested in a business pitch in a short amount of time.

Does this one work?

â??iPrivacyManager (iPM) is an intelligent Internet application that allows online users the ability to manage how their personal information is shared on social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook.

â??Itâ??s based on patented technology and gives you a simple but powerful approach for controlling what (of your personal information online) can be seen by whom, when, and under what conditions.

â??This includes easy tools for managing subsets of friends or acquaintances, their conditions of access, specific rules, and those sorts of things. It is designed so that it can work and be customizable for any social network.

â??This is a really hot topic right now. There has been growing concern since a MySpace case involving a teenager who committed suicide after being stalked online. Just in the last couple months, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Business Week, etc., have all covered this issue and all come to the same conclusion. We simply need more privacy controls online.

â??Over one billion registered accounts exist from just the top 100 social networking sites (and there are thousands of sites). Also, all sites in the top 100 either have no privacy options whatsoever or limited, rudimentary settings.

â??We have already secured $50,000 of funding and have a working prototype of the product. We are looking to raise another $500,000. You can find more details on our website: www.iprivacymanager.com.â??
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