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C.P. Morgan aftermath

February 27, 2009
Tract house builder C.P. Morgan officially bites the dust today. Which raises plenty of questions:

--Has anyone else been more influential in the type of housing stock built in the Indianapolis area in the past decade than Chuck Morgan? If so, who?

--How did C.P. Morgan manage to convince so many buyers that value is measured by the greatest square footage for the least money? Why didnâ??t other builders rise to dominance by showing the value of higher-quality construction or larger lot sizes?

--What will become of Morgan neighborhoods, many of which are little more than rows of poor-manâ??s drywall castles? Will they, like tail fins, be viewed as vestiges of a super-sized America? Or will they, as was the case through much of this decade, be sought out for the sheer room for the buck? A related question: Will Morgan houses ever attract urban pioneers of the distant future? Why?

--Will another company take up the marketing mantle of building the most house for the least money? Who?

Surely you have thoughts.
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