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Count 'em: two IPOs

December 17, 2007
Itâ??s been awhile since the Indianapolis area has had two initial public offerings in the works at the same time, but thatâ??s exactly what we have. And theyâ??re software firms to boot â?? businesses Indianapolis and other Midwestern cities have struggled to cultivate on a respectable scale.

ExactTarget said late last week it would try to raise $86 million and Aprimo Inc. filed in September to raise $50 million. Both have long been considered strong candidates for the public litmus test.

Now that theyâ??re moving toward IPOs and not sales, what are your expectations? Will we see them spin off other companies, like Software Artistry did several years ago?

And what does this tell you about the business environment here? Is Indianapolis becoming the kind of place where risk-takers are rewarded?

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