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Back in time: Buildings in the news

July 31, 2008

Grain Dealers buildingFirst off, an update on the new plans for the Grain Dealers building: London Witte Group has hired locally based Lynn Hines Design Associates to revitalize the space and preserve its "retro" appeal. The plans call for vintage-inspired fixtures, flooring, wall coverings and furnishings. London Witte also expects to install energy efficient windows and new mechanical systems. The buyer was represented by Resource Commercial Real Estate. The brokers, Tom Osborne and Matt Moore, discovered the original hand-sketched rendering of the building (shown at right). The firm added color to the drawing and plans to hang it in the lobby. More on the building is here.

Old Woolworth IndianapolisAnd here's a second historic image: This is what the BW3 space discussed below looked like in 1938, when it was home to a Woolworth department store. The photo at right (Click for a larger version) is from the Indiana Historical Society. Thanks to the reader who posted the image in the comments section of yesterday's BW3 post. I'm told the building to the left was destroyed in a fire several years back.

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